By Anonymous - 24/11/2013 18:31 - France

Today, I was quietly admiring my boyfriend from outside the kitchen as he made us dinner, only to witness him drop a load of spaghetti on the floor, swear, then scoop it all up and place it back on the plate. FML
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starcable 9

five second rule. it's still good


starcable 9

five second rule. it's still good

OP, I hope you have no cats or dogs. That fur renders the five-second rule null and void. Furry spaghetti, anyone?

Look at the bright side! At least he isn't wasteful! ... But in all seriousness that's gross. I hope you didn't eat that.

You're lucky he didnt have to switch to the 10 second rule

Idk about the rest of you...but my floors are clean. I dont mind eating off my floor. I cant afford to waste any food. Also there is a restaurant where they actually DO eat off their floors. IMO it can not be that bad so long as your home is clean etc.

if the floors are decently clean than I don't see the least he didn't waste

If the floors are clean you can... oh wait, someone already said that.

The food is covered in bacteria within the first few milliseconds it is dropped on the floor...

Yeah and most, if not all of that bacteria is harmless

RedPillSucks 31

What about all the crap on the bottom of your shoe from walking around? Unless you're cleaning every instant of the day, your floors wont remain clean.


#69 hey dirt contain minerals right! Even more healthy!....

Just letting you know the 5 second rule doesn't exist. The bacteria gets onto the food instantly.

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And thanks to a healthy immune system, said bacteria is practically harmless.

There's that special seasoning you've been asking about. Gives the meal a wholesome earthy flavor.

blcksocks 19

You have no idea how glad I was to read "spaghetti" after "drop a load"

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

After all the shit I've read on here, I was prepared for it to say, " and scoop it into his pants." I have no idea why I thought that's what it was gonna say.

"Then as we continued our dinner with my parents, he began to sweat, and spaghetti began to fall out of his pockets."

Oh that's nasty ... Wonder how sanitary he's been with previous meals!

J_Kertz 14

Definitely read the first part of your comment in a Cleveland Brown voice.

Maybe he knew you were watching and wanted to give you some incentive to start cooking.

A little dirt never hurt anybody! ...unless you rub it in a fresh wound.