By Anonymous - 21/09/2015 17:47 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, when I woke up, one half of my face was smooth and clear and the other half looked as if I got slapped by the Hand of Puberty itself. FML
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Now is the time to embrace your inner villain and call yourself Two-Face. Avoid bats if possible.

Well mine are in the shape of a mustache rn so you're okay


I thought it was because someone shaved half of OP's face, but to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what happened.

unwashed pillow/covers can make your face extra oily, causing breakouts.

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#27 is right, a lot of people break out on one side of their face if they don't move around in their sleep and don't change their pillow case often

Oh....... well, that clears things up for me, but unfortunately not so much for OP.

Now is the time to embrace your inner villain and call yourself Two-Face. Avoid bats if possible.

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@2 This is the only possible choice Op can make.

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I need a follow up. If it was top and bottom halves it would kill the two face dream.

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Harvey 2 face Dent ... is that you?!

Well, I guess to look on the brighter side of things, at least your whole face isn't like that. However, the fact that it's only on one side is so bizarre.

I'd honestly prefer my full face to be like than half, but that's just me.

Well shaving should be a snap. Gotta love that rocky road.

His name is anonymous. it's right there at the top.

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Make up clogs the pores on your face therefore causing more acne on your face if not properly removed.

I think the power of Clearasil or Neutrogen would work better. Use a gentle facial cleanser, exfoliate gently twice a week, and make sure to stay moisturized OP!

Oh hormones. How they've tormented every child throughout their adolescent years. I'm sure there's some solutions you can do in the meantime. Wash your face after a shower, resort to medicines when needed, etc. Eventually it'll clear out or be gone completely, just give it time.

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@11 If you use a mild scented shampoo, you can wash your face in the shower.

I do that. I have some mild dove head face, and after I wash my hair, I get a separate exfoliating cloth and gently go in circles on my face and forehead with the shampoo. Leaves my face smooth and oil-free, and I do it once every other day. c: