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Today, I woke up early and made my boyfriend french toast. When he woke up, he yelled at me because it was his dish day and I was creating more dishes for him to do. He made me do the dishes. FML
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your bf certainly does not deserve any more nice deeds in the future

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Get a new boyfriend. This one is definitely a failure.


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your bf certainly does not deserve any more nice deeds in the future

OP deserves this 105%. You should be so ******* grateuful that he does the dishes half the time. You're a woman, you should be doing ALL OF THEM. Now get back in the kitchen, make him a sammich and give him a bJ.

Nah, he'd just whine and yell at her about having to clean up the sammich and bj messes.

you better be joking. i take that sexist shit hard im a manand your giving men bad names bitch

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this isnt a fml, this is a normal day in the life of all women. #58 knos it and so should all of you

I'm confused. Are all you women complaining about 77? Because that's not sexist. 64 is though.

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While I agree that kind of sucks, a nice gesture automatically becomes less nice if it creates more work for the person you're doing it for. You couldn't have done it on your dish day?

Agreed, and seriously, this is hardly a FML. What's the big deal over doing a few dishes? If you wash them as soon as you're done using them, before they sit and dry out, they'll be easy as hell to wash. Stop complaining over having to wash a few dishes. It's part of life, to clean up after our own messes.

or God forbid, done them without being asked? That being said, if he truly yelled at you then he's an idiot - dump his ass.

I'm sorry but, making French toast is less effort than washing up the dishes. And by making him some, obviously you've made yourself some. It was a selfish act disguised as kindness.

Why does it often seem that nice people are inconsiderate too?

How can you side with the boyfriend? A few more dishes, OMG he might spend up to 20 minutes washing dishes, what a tragedy!!! His hands might get pruny! Oh the misery of it all!!

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Wtf. Do you honestly think that on her dish days he doesn't make anything for himself/using any dishes. Whether or not she made some for herself too, she still made for him and she didn't need too. OP, he's an idiot. You should of taken the french toast back from him, and washed the dishes you used to make it. He's selfish and lazy.

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Hypothetical situation: You're in bed sleeping in, the boss let you have the day off. Your boyfriend feels particularly pleasant that morning, so he makes you a nice breakfast in bed of French toast, chocolate milk, and some bacon. You have a pleasant conversation untill...OHSHIT you're boyfriend forgot that he needs to be in work early since it's the day the new Director is introduced to the staff. He hurriedly rushes out of the door...but wait, he left the tray full of breakfastness with you in bed. Now you have to get OUT of bed, and sort through the dishes which wouldn't exist if your boyfriend hadn't done such a "nice gesture." It's nice that he didn't have to cook breakfast, but it's pointless if he has to clean up the mess left behind. You see what I'm sayen?

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Being a genuinely appreciative person, I wouldn't mind having to wash a few dishes if someone took the time to make me breakfast. Also... His dish day? Why do people feel a need to schedule stupid stuff like that? Why not just do them when they need to be done/when you have time? A friend of mine lives with a girl and her mom, and he is only allowed to wash clothes on certain days. Stuff like that makes no sense to me at all. -_-

No #62, I really don't see what you're saying. It's one sinkful of dishes. The obligation of doing them is agiven, but no one *has* to make breakfast for anyone else. Yes, I'll wash a few cups and bowls extra if my boyfriend does something sweet like that for me - regularly did, in fact - and something is wrong with you if you're going to bitch about 5 min of extra work after enjoying your delicious, effort-free, made-for-you fancy breakfast. (and believe me, making french toast or basically any other food beyond pouring cereal takes more effort than wiping off a bowl)

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It's not the fact that the dishes had to be done, it's the fact that the "good deed" has now become an unneccesary inconvenience. If there hadn't been any French Toast, there wouldn't be a need for clean dishes. And you can say "I'd gladly do the dishes", but I'm betting that if your significant other said "Hi, I made you breakfast." while leaving the dishes for you to wash you'd bash his head in with a frying pan. It's like your 4 year old saying "I maded you a Valentine!" while there's glue and glitter and shit all over the walls. It's nice that they did such a nice thing for you, but would it have killed them to clean up the mess?

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cont. It's called "common coutesy" for the one doing the deed to do the entire job. If it's half assed, it might as well have never happened at all. Now if the boyfriend took ONE look at the plate of French toast and went on his rant, he'd be an ass, but even then all the the OP would've had to say was "I was going to handle the dishes you dick now eat your damn breakfast!" which means there wouldn't be a need for an FML.

Actually, cleaning a griddle is a BITCH. He shouldn't have yelled at her... because she should have offered to clean up the mess in the first place.

Or, you know, you could use a frying pan and soak it. Just sayin' Reyo, you seem to talk like no bf has ever made any gf a breakfast before and left her the dishes. This happens all the time and shockingly with very few reports of frying pan assault. I never had any problem with it. He did me a favor, I do him a favor, end of story. I always cleaned up his dinner messes too. I'm sorry, I still think it's messed up to bitch about something so insignificant. French toast is delicious, OP deserves more appreciation than a rant about dishes.

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"Very few frying pan incedents" =/= "no frying pan incidents" which either means you're exagerating, or there has been an instance where your BF has tried to do something nice for you only to leave you with an even bigger inconvenience. The point still remains that the OP most likely made the breakfast without the intention of cleaning up after herself, which would cause a much greater inconvenience then is worth French Toast. Yeah, I know, "French Toast is amazing." That's 100% speculation. To other people, the hastle of cleaning up after French Toast is not worth the "amazingness" of French Toast. And yes, I see that the majority voted for FYL, but that's probably because we're only getting half of the story. Everyone is probably seeing "I did something nice for my BF and he totally acted like a dick!" The OP said something about him "making her do the dishes" which implies that she wasn't going to do them. She was going to leave them for him to finish, and I don't know if this has to do with gender, but I'm noticing that more guys are siding with the point that having to clean up after someone's "generosity" makes said "generosity" both null and void while most of the girls are saying "I'd gladly clean up after an amazing breakfast made by my boyfriend!" Here's what most likely happened: She made the French Toast for them to share. The boyfriend ate the French Toast. He then noticed the stack of undone dishes. He remembers that it's his dish day. The fact that it's morning, which is traditionally a time of day where people aren't in their most cheerful mood, made it to where he got angry at the fact that his GF's generosity has not become a burden for him to deal with; that burden, to him, being more inconvenient than the fact that his GF made him a breakfast of French Toast. Obviously, French Toast isn't as amazing a treat for the OP's boyfriend where the joys of having French Toast doesn't outweigh the fact that he has to clean up a mess created by cooking French Toast. He obviously doesn't see French Toast as an amazing breakfast. Is she to break up with him for that?

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Screw him I would think twice about being nice to him next time.

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If you were in such a giving mood, it shouldn't be a big deal if you have to clean up your own mess even if it was for your boyfriend:P

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Thats not OPs point. They did something nice for their boyfriend and he, like a 2 year old, threw a fit because it meant having to clean a few more dishes and made OP do more work just for trying to be nice.

Maybe you could have made him a sammich instead.

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Get a new boyfriend. This one is definitely a failure.

You can come make me french toast any time you want

FYL yes, but not because you 'needed' to do his dishes. (and did it!) Wake up call...

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I feel sorry for any woman that dates you.

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@223 I don't think any woman would want to.