By Anonymous - 22/12/2009 01:48 - United States

Today, my mom and I had to shovel our driveway after an epic snowstorm that left us with 22 inches of snow. We only needed to dig out my mom's car and not mine. After we did all that work and shoveled all the snow onto the side where my car was we found out my mom had a flat tire. FML
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So you can shovel driveways, dig out cars, but not change a tire?'s 4 or 5 bolts, and all the shit is in your trunk...

I'll bet you felt rather deflated after all of that.


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My uncle lives in Virginia and got the same snow. He had a garage, though. Would've been nice, huh? I'm surprised you wouldn't have SOME kind of covered parking option, though, in a state that far north.

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really, I live in NY, which is much farther north than Virginia and gets a lot more snow, we do have a garage, but we don't use it, a lot of people don't

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Well, if she had one and didn't use it, she really can't complain much. We don't get much snow in Oklahoma, but if I were warned of 22 inches and had a garage that I didn't use, I'd deserve the trouble I got from it.

why not?? What's the point of having a garage then? Especially in a snowstorm.

spitfire, most people fill their garage with useless junk

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i live in virginia, too and we never get big snows. the weather said we were going to get 6 inches-- in my area we got 15. it's not like we knew ahead of time. And if you live in the city, garages are hard to come by. It's all street parking.

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Yeah, because the storm came out of no where (sarcasm). If you payed attention to the news, you would have learned that the same storm was pouring inches of rain in the south and was moving up the east coast. I live in western NY and the storm didn't get us at all and I still knew about it from watching my local news.

I live in Maine. I don't have a garage or any other type of covering for my car.

So you can shovel driveways, dig out cars, but not change a tire?'s 4 or 5 bolts, and all the shit is in your trunk...

exactly. This isn't a FML at all. It's just a tire, it's not hard to do. Every car comes with the stuff right there that you need to change it. FML for having wasted 20 seconds reading you bitching about a flat tire.

I suppose the FML is here 'cause you didn't have a spare, right..?

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hey at least its a good work out

1) Change the tire? 2) Were you planning on not using your car until the snow melted again? Why wouldn't you throw the snow maybe a foot or two further (farther? I always mix those up...) and be able to use your car sometime within the next week. Your fault.

How effin lazy do you have to be to not shovel the whole driveway? We had the same snow, I cleared it all day at work and when I got home we dug out the 3 car driveway plus the decks and patio. 4 or 5 lug nuts to change the tire, come on is this really that tough?

Obviously you had nothing better to do. I live in northern VA and received the same amount of snow as the OP, we cleared just enough of the driveway to get the three cars out, no more. Why? My mom had errands to run, my dad had work, I had projects for school to complete, and my brother can barely lift a snow shovel (he's rather young and small).

Meh, sorry, 22 inches is hardly an "epic" snowstorm. For Virginia, *maybe*.