By justagirl - United States - Roseville
  Today, while in bed with my boyfriend of 2 years, he mentioned what it would be like if he had sex with anyone other than me. I mentioned the same about him. He quickly yelled, "No, you're a woman. You are mine!" FML
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By  HarshD9619  |  34

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  Harpy20  |  24

6, I had an ex like that. Did the same as OP's guy and he eventually did start cheating and his excuse was some bullshit about how men are supposed to "spread their seed" and how women are supposed to be monogamous. Tool.

  Jessie_bean_  |  4

She was probably calling him a tool because she was pissed about the double standard? And yeah you're right but society also dictates how our relationships are aswell. Also I don't think many women want someone with that little self control...

  Rulerray97  |  25

I'd just like to say that being possessive isn't necessarily bad. My girlfriend likes that I'm possessive. So what if I don't wanna share her? Buuuttt in this case it's very hypocritical of him.


I don't know, man. Your girlfriend might like it, maybe it flatters her, but similarly some people are flattered by their partner's jealousy or machismo. Not good things.

Now on the other hand, if you mean commitment, loyalty? That's all good! Being possessive? Not good. You're not entitled to an another person. If your girlfriend decided to break up with you, what would you do, since you're, as you say, possessive? Would you just unilaterally take possession of her, claim you own her or something? I don't think so, that's pretty psycho.

By  MrConcise  |  34

Remind him your vagina is a privilege, he can buy a fleshlight if he wants to wonder what other girls feel like. Or, he can not be an insecure cunt and you both can wonder about other people. Genius!

By  kshawtaybayblade  |  4

OP I am guessing that he was being sarcastic because the way you wrote it it sounded that way. Don't be so butt hurt OP.

  movaa  |  11

I don't know about anyone else but if my boyfriend / husband was talking about sleeping with other people even in a "sarcastic" way, I would be "butt hurt " too.