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  iluvcucumbers  |  0

How can you go out with someone for 3 years and not call him your boyfriend, but ''the guy I have seen for about 3 years''? Seems to me that OP and the guy weren't officially a couple, or maybe they were just friends with benefits.

  pseudolife  |  4

Agree with #19. OP knew that the guy she's been seeing for 3 years wasn't exclusive, hence she didn't say boyfriend. Just because your seeing someone, doesn't matter how long, doesn't mean that their your official significant other. The person has to ask you, if you want to be their GF. OP you had wishful thinking in your part but you should move on. The guy is a prick for not mentioning to you that he had a GF. Plus, who picks up the phone while having sex? That's just rude.

  seanreddog  |  4

I agree with 19. If you're one of those people that doesn't want to "label" their relationship, don't be surprised if he actually wants a real relationship or bends the non-existant rules.

  maxdashz  |  0

47-I agree this time. It's true then the OP is really dumb not to know. And the way this FML is written makes it sound like the bf became the second gf's father when he was inside the OP O.o....

By  autumn16  |  0

so now you realize that your just a fuck buddy after seein him fer 3 years.. good job. ydi for bein with a cheater and not realizing it. I hope you bit his penis and left him right there crying