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By  nayna  |  2

girl drop him

Maybe he's depressed. Maybe he hasn't been in the mood. It's not okay for Men to pressure women to have sex (whether they are in a relationship or not. Your boyfriend or girlfriend are not OWED sex) and it's goes the same for women pressuring men.. You should talk to him about what he's feeling instead if constantly begging for sex. Maybe he already feels like shit and you're making it worse and so he responded like that.

It could be about cheating or loss of interest. But that is not always the case. Talk to him.


It’s owed when they say “yeah I’m down, give me a minute” and that minute turns into weeks or months. I know when I’m being used. ✌🏼 thanks for the advice everyone. Everyone except you.

By  lexxiasaurus  |  23

this is how my husband and I ended up now divorced. he out of nowhere started to pull closer to work and his dreams until one day he told me he doesn't have time for me or my needs because he needs to make his dreams come true in life