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Today, I decided to dye my hair to freshen up my appearance. I asked my husband for his opinion, expecting him to recommend a color. He then asked me why going on a diet wasn't my first option. FML
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I know someone who is sleeping on the couch tonight


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Wow what a great guy you got there

I know, honest, not in it completely for looks, not obsessed with hair but wants a healthy wife, great guy!

all guys are douchebags. that's one reson not to be gay. but lesbians are fine for some reson.

I disagree not all guys are douchebags, sure everyone has a douche moment but most people have a lot of good in them

don't blame the guy. I personally would never been able to date a fat girl. and if my future wife would get fat i would say the same thing.

What was it? It's moderated and I can't see it. Did he try being first?

18 nah he tried to be 2nd but still failed that's why 7 corrected him and said 5th

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maybe he doesn't want a fat wife. YDI

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I love your hair color! I'm thinking about dying my hair to a color like that.

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haha wat color is ur hair?it looks brown to :D

your hair and eyes are so pretty. you look great :)

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I know someone who is sleeping on the couch tonight

Haha, you must excuse me if i'm doing this wrong, I dont know how to work a phone...But I remember making a cruel joke to my wife about loose skin after a show, and she was furious! I slept on the couch that night.

hahaha ouchhh !!! u should do wat he says

Op ydi you must be fat AND a blonde! And you're lazy, you don't wanna go through with something that'd require work. Blubber butt!