By ihateumicheal - 02/08/2010 15:37 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to visit me at work. With another girl. FML
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So he's not allowed female friends? What the **** is wrong with you?


actually he's pretty smart.. break up with her at her place of work, and she can't go all bucknuts on him without more than likely losing her job. don't be so crazy next time op ^_^ just kidding. he should have his nutsack stomped on.

BabyDacey 0

slap the bitch and kick him in the nuts. then proceed to laugh

phreshboi 1

threesome ? no I joke I joke, but that's a dick move; I'm guessing the next thing happened is that you guys broke up?

threesome might be a good way to console he's like "now that we've broken up want to have sex?"

Melaniee_fml 0

maybe it was his friend.. haha yea right.

no1askdu 5

was the girl his sister or his mom? lol

rawrkittehpwnage 0

maybe it's a cousin or aunt.. don't be so suspicious :P

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

18, stfu you're one of the ugliest dudes I've ever seen, idek what to call you.

then i noticed the girl your boyfriend was with was my girlfriend:(

YDI for your boyfriend visiting you at work. With another girl.

AngryNinja 1

Ahaha, 50. You and OP can console each other after work. ;)

damn that sucks he better be ur ex boyfriend now

phreshboi 1

it's butters bottom bitch ;)

quent10 0

cool so you finally met his sister?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

same shit happened to me yo. and then they had the nerve to come to my register so when she gave me the money I threw her change at her and left. **** that bitch! and **** that triflin ass man

it does sucks that your bf is out hanging out with another girl while you are stuck at work. but I doubt he meant to hurt you, probably just misses you and decided to visit. no reason to suspect a breakup

Averizzle 0

I know you wanted first. Nt tho

lurchin_10 0

2, your picture wins at life

samanthadude 0

Yup, that was definitely a dick move. He isn't worth your time if he treats women that way OP.

samanthadude 0

*My above comment shouldn't be counted if OP's boyfriend was with a friend, sister, family member, or something like that.*

Raleigh_bruh 7

It wouldn't be a Fml most likely if it were a family member or friend, Sam. :P

samanthadude 0

It could be if the OP is one of those girls who get jealous over everything. :P

Raleigh_bruh 7

Bleh, those type of people irritate me.

what a douche.... and you unquestionably dumped him right? or was he there to dump you?

thesunsetglow_fml 8

wait until he sleeps, then cut it off! it could just be a friend or cousin he was going to introduce to you. Don't jump to conclusions?

That girl could be his sister. OP never said who the girl was.

OP don't be such s drama queen. it's obviously not his new girlfriend =P. it's just a girl haha no big deal maybe it's his cousin you haven't met or am old friend or something. take a chill pill

if it was his sister why would she be writing this FML. DUHH

So hes not allowed to be hanging out with a girl? let me guess, ur allowed to hang out with guys tho

because she probably didn't ask questions

RadAtThis01 0

did he not know where you work at?

fernandita91 0

what a doucheeee! at least ur not been lied to anymore op

So he's not allowed female friends? What the **** is wrong with you?

This. Unless OP meant another girl that her boyfriend was dating she clearly has no right to complain. Has she given up all her male friends? If she thinks her boyfriend can't have female friends, or has given up her male friends she has serious issues.