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Today, my boyfriend of 3 years confessed that he was sleeping with me and 5 other girls while we first started dating. He told me he numbered us and rolled a die to see which one he would date. I guess I won. FML
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Roll a dice to see how many times you should hit his windshield with a bat!


Indeed! your a lucky gal, you got quite the catch =)

ur right, she is lucky! she just won a cheating boyfriend who has been sleeping with 5 other girls behind her back for 3 years! and to top it off, she was numbered and was picked becuz of a die. she definitely must feel like a winner

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Someone didn't catch the sarcasm 8

lol, can't you read? She said at the beginning he was dating her and 5 others, meaning not for 3 years. Sucks the beginning was like that, you should probably make sure he doesn't have another 4 on the side just waiting for a fifth to roll a second die....

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He's a Winner, OP, you're indeed lucky.

totaly agree. if u think a cheating dirtbag is a winner. then FYL

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you're an idiot, 59. try re-reading the fml before commenting. thank you.

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i hate that he cheated, but at least he's stayed with you for three years. if he didn't wanna be with you he wouldve dumped you or just re rolled the die. :J

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Hope you kicked him to the curb. What a Loser!

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hell one thing i know now is Canadians can't take a joke. chill

people like you are retarded. You lump everyone together. :/ just cuz that guy cant take a joke, doesnt mean Canadians cant. :S

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Seriously....woah there buddy you got your panties in a Bunch! Correction All canadians aren't douches just you... This situation isn't the greatest to tell your children or grandchildren one day...

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hmmm? say something about us Canadians? Alright boys lets beat him with the hockey sticks!!!! *runs off to get sawed-off hockey sticks* LOL. But seriously; you're a dumbass and a retard (no offense - which means i mean all the offense in the world). What the hell do people have against us Canadians? C'mon now; you know that everyone loves us Canadians since we're peaceful and friendly :-) *innocent smile* ;) (/lots of sarcasm)

Dude, he is not a loser. He is a ******* player, and we should applaud him.

I think it's gross when people sleep with more than one person during the same period of time... Why would he admit this, unless he was trying to hurt your feelings?

I would think he felt guilty about it, and wanted her to know the truth?

Maybe they just have good communication in their relationship and he felt like he didn't need to keep it from her any longer.

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Well I think the stage where the guy was with multiple women was the one before they started dating, therefore its not as bad, but I still don't think you should try and juggle 6 girls at once.

Roll a dice to see how many times you should hit his windshield with a bat!

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Well, that is incredibly creepy that he was seeing more than one person without your knowing it. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't value you as a person. For one thing, if he didn't like who the die picked, he probably would have rolled it again. For another thing, it sounds like you've been happy for three years, and that's based on more than chance. So if you can forgive the initial creepiness, and as long as he continues only sleeping with you, then I don't think you should worry about it.

Incredibly creepy? When your parents were in high school, they probably went out with different dates every weekend. Going out with just one person was considered a big commitment and they even had a special term for it: "Going steady". That makes a lot more sense than becoming practically married on the second date.

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The key element of the creepiness is that she didn't know. If you're dating more than one person at once, you should be open about it. Also, going on a different date every weekend doesn't mean sleeping with five different people concurrently. There's a huge difference there.

Hey, at least he cared enough to tell you the truth, you know. If you guys are still together after 3 years, then that's gotta account for something.

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Did he use one dice or two? Did he roll for doubles? lol

OP stated he rolled a die. that means one. more than one die is dice. ta-da! Now ya know.

rofl to #5 XD but honestly why the hell would he actually tell you that???to break up with u?and get his ass kicked?if u didnt hurt that man i would be very dissapointed

"if u didnt hurt that man i would be very dissapointed" Oh right, because violence is the answer to any problem that comes up in a relationship! Chris Brown and Rhianna can attest to that! -eye roll- please shut up.

No #11 that's different. Women are allowed to hurt men as much as they want, but men can't lay a finger on women.

I don't know if this was a pun gone right or a pun gone horribly wrong.

You can't trust a guy who does stupid stuff like that. So what if you've been together for a while, who knows if he's keeping it up and still seeing other people?

So your boyfriend is in hideous demand, but won't cheat. FYL? More like LYL.

I wonder how many of those five girls will be having the same conversation this week?