By Anonymous - 20/06/2013 02:23 - United States - Kansas City

Today, my boyfriend of 2 months got upset and frustrated with me because he had yet to meet my mom. I'd told him on our first date that she passed away 4 years ago. FML
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Nolimit2217 32

He sounds like he is very attentive!

Hopefully he manages to get that detail to stick soon. -_-


Nolimit2217 32

He sounds like he is very attentive!

hey come on, it's hard to memorize so much information when meeting someone new. doesn't mean he wasn't listening...

Yeah sure #12, but I'd think "my mum's dead" isn't one of those trivial things you'd forget (when paying attention)...

He was probably too busy looking at your **** on the first date. don't take it personally. Look on the bright side, at least he's probably paying attention to other things now.

Nolimit2217 32

He doesn't sound like he should be in a relationship.. That's one of those things you cannot justify forgetting.

acerredrum 23

I have sever short term memory loss to the point where I forget fairly important things. I keep notes of things I need to do and remember around the house for when I forget not if. While I really don't think I would forget something that big perhaps this is what is wrong with the boyfriend instead of inattentiveness? I would think he would of warned her though.

jramirez16 9

You forgot the "e" on severe lol. Sorry it just went with the comment :)

acerredrum 23

Hopefully he manages to get that detail to stick soon. -_-

Talientary 8

It's okay, try to remind him and see how that goes.

lifesucks1217 6

forgetting something does not make a person a moron.....

Forgetting that your girlfriend's mum died does.

#41 still doesnt seems to get the Picture

He clearly didn't listen to you when you first told him because that's not something you easily forget :/ I'm sorry for your loss OP . And I think I can speak for her right now that she wouldn't approve him for forgetting such a thing...

acerredrum 23

You have never met her and you cannot speak for her. Frankly it is very rude of you to even try. For all we know OP's mom would say, "He is very sweet, he just forgot this one thing." or "Give him one more chance, if he screws up leave him." or hell, "Chicken livers." We don't know and shouldn't assume.

58, just wondering, was chicken livers the first thing that came to your mind or did you put some thought into it?

FMLsOhilarious 6

You would think he'd remember something like that! I'm sorry OP. Maybe you should ask him to dig deep into his memory and maybe he'll recall what you told him 14 days ago.

Try reminding him and see what he does, when his little brain gets the piece of information.

flashback.miss 28

If he can't be bothered to remember something as life changing and heartbreaking as your mother's death, then you need to reconsider your relationship. RIP, OP's mom.

imtooshy 18

Not the sharpest tool in the shed you're dating. Perhaps you should bring him to her grave for his formal meeting. Smfh. He clearly doesn't listen to you.

@10, this is my favorite comment on here; great idea since he wants to "meet" her mom, she should definitely take him graveside to get it through to him. Assuming OP is okay with that, which if it were me, I would be, because sometimes just knowing your loved one's parent has passed on isn't enough, but sharing the experience of memorializing them by visiting the grave can be a emotionally and spiritually connecting event.

MzZombicidal 36

Doesn't sound like a good start for you two... I hope things turn around!