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Today, my boyfriend told me he couldn't spend the day with me as he had his grandmother's funeral. Lonely, I went shopping and I bumped into his mum having lunch with his 'dead' grandma. FML
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That's pretty damn low to use a relative's death like that as an excuse just to not have to be with you for a day. And was he foolish enough to think you'd never find out later? I'm not a complete fan of "dump him" but I don't really like your boyfriend OP

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Maybe it was his other grandma?


That's pretty damn low to use a relative's death like that as an excuse just to not have to be with you for a day. And was he foolish enough to think you'd never find out later? I'm not a complete fan of "dump him" but I don't really like your boyfriend OP

Is there a chance that it was his father's mom that died? The FML doesn't specify.

If it was his father's mother, then I don't think his mom and grandma wouldn't be at the mall shopping:

A relationship doesn't work if there is no trust and honesty.

A relationship doesn't work if there is no trust and honesty.

I'm astounded that you managed to get first comment #1 with such a long, in-depth answer. Normally first comments are short and not very insightful.

jaylaufers 13

Maybe it was his other grandma?

justspin 7

Maybe not. If his parents are separated or his mom never liked her husbands mother.

Or maybe his other grandma had died long ago.

6, the funeral could have been in the morning, and the mom and her mom could have both gone to the funeral and made plans to have lunch together afterwards. The boyfriend might have just wanted some time to himself for the day.

Yeah, I have (had) about five people in my life that I would consider "grandmas" so I don't think it's entirely impossible for it to be someone else, but if not then that is really pathetic for someone to lie about that.

41- 5 grandmas? O.o No offence, but I was wondering how many times your mom/dad got re-married to someone else...

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44 - People can easily have 4 or 5 grandmothers. I had 5. 2 biological, 3 in-law. Not all that uncommonly, granted the grandmothers all make it to hen you get married.

My parents are still together. My grandparents on my dad's side got divorced, so he remarried and there's two. My grandma on my mothers side died and so my step-grandpa remarried, that's four. And I just always considered my great grandmother a grandma because I don't like to make people feel too old. :P

I'm guessing that, since OP immediately thought her boyfriend was lying, there is no other reasonable explanation for his mother and grandmother having lunch. The FML also said that she saw "his 'dead' grandmother," so that tells me that it was that particular grandmother that he told her had died.

Another possible flaw in this statement is that I'm sure OP would know who's who; it sounds like they've dated a while :

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44- My mother was in foster care and had two different families, after her father remarried. That's four. Then there's my dad's mom and his stepmom. Boom, 6 grandmas.

Why wouldn't his mom be at the funeral for her husbands mother?

Exactly what I was gonna say, but if it's not, she should really dump him ... cause if he doesn't think she'll be with him enough to find out then she shouldn't be with him.

Ya, it's bad that he lied, but he should be able to spend quality time with his family. I think OP over reacted a little.

77- What? OP didn't say what their reaction was. Also there was no mention of OP's boyfriend spending time with his family, as it was her boyfriend's mother who was with the grandma. Did we read two different things?

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Don't worry 3, I see what you did there.

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Maybe it was his other grandmother who had died.

78- oops... I did read that wrong. I thought it said that OP's boyfriend was with the grandma. Disregard my first comment.

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Is it maybe a grandma on his dads side???

Sure because his mom would skip her mother-in-laws funeral.

Go to his house and Ghost Whisperer on him!

Ghost whisper is a show where this girl talks to ghosts....

What, holy shit everyone else is making a ton of money doing nothing. I'm just sitting here masturbating.

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58 - It's a fictional show with actors, but yes.

That sucks that he lied, but maybe you have been real boring lately.

That's still not an excuse to lie about a realative's death.

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Why do people lie about these things? What's so difficult about saying I don't want to hang out today maybe sometime later?

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I never understood it either. I wouldn't doubt that 90% of lies told are completely unnecessary. Most of the time, the truth just isn't that terrible. Lives would be so much simpler if people weren't afraid to just be honest.

If he can't tell her that he doesn't want to see her and has to make up a lie, especially such an awful one using his grandmother like that, I would say he is only stringing her along because he is getting something from her. It's not a relationship or a future though. Kick him to the curb OP

I agree with you. He should have just told her that he didn't want to hang out that day. Lying about a grandmother dying is horrible.

You know, some people have two pairs of Grandparents.

Actually 11, all people have two pairs of grandparents. Unless your parents are siblings, but that isn't that common

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If you have two PAIRS of grandmas, that means you have four grandmas. Unless your grandparents are all lesbians, I can't see that happening.

Two pairs of grandparents, not grandmas. That would be four total grandparents

The good news is that he can only use this excuse one more time. Then he'll have to go to dead uncles, aunts, cousins, pets, etc. Or he could stop, you know, being a lying fuckwad.

Or maybe OP could get tired of the boyfriend's shit (lying) and find someone more... honest.

Why has no one yet asked why the heck she wasn't going to the funeral? By saying that she bumped into them this suggests that she knew them and therefore had some sort of relationship with his family, therefore she should have been there. It is totally shit that he lied but I can't help thinking that if you said that you would go with him that you would have realised that he was a dick in a less humiliating way