By aimee_alexis - 20/06/2013 05:30 - Canada - Nelson

Today, my brother got one of those water-vapour cigarettes. I was playing around with it, and my neighbour saw me through the window. She came over to yell at my parents about my "addiction" to marijuana. When my parents told her to get lost, she called the cops and tried to get me arrested. FML
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hey guys, i cant log into my account i made this post on so i made a new one! The cop told her she was being outrageous and told her to only call for emergencies. Since I live in Canada, if it really was weed, the police probably wouldnt do anything about it anyways. My neighbour is even more pissed off now, and since i live in a townhouse unit she has really been watching me closely. FYI, yes I am only 14 but its only an e cigarette.

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Ahhh, I see you have NNS, or Nosy Neighbor Syndrome.

imtooshy 18

Your neighbour needs to get a bloody life and you need curtains.


Ahhh, I see you have NNS, or Nosy Neighbor Syndrome.

Indeed, a very common and extremely annoying syndrome! But hey OP, at least your parents believed in you and told your neighbour off!

Dawnstempest 17

Unfortunately there are only two known cures at this time; death and moving.

Correction #37, there are a few more options:Blinds/curtains, tall bushes-depends on deed restrictions, or the easiest----a neighbor's "accidental" fall onto a sharp object.

#57 don't forget fire! It'd be a shame if their house burnt down and they had to move...

I feel ya OP, my neighbour is an asshat too.

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Your neighbor seems like a bottle of sunshine.

Atleast his parents didnt believe her crazy ass.

Exactly she has some cool parents... mine would have grounded me and had me drug tested

imtooshy 18

Your neighbour needs to get a bloody life and you need curtains.

yzzami 17

He could have curtains but trying to enjoy some nice sunlight or the cool evening air

Wow, that lady needs a life, or get laid. Or both?

You may be right. Maybe that's why he has such a horrible expression.

Wizardo 33

I see the marijuana went to your neighbours head hence the paranoia and suspicion, she should be locked away at some institute.

Bake some marijuana coockies and take them to your neighbour. It looks like they need to chill out a little!

Edibles will probably do the opposite :S

Should've blew some smoke in your neighbors face

It's a vapor cigarette. There is no smoke. Also *blown* some smoke in her face.

Blew is also the past tense of blow, sort of like dreamed and dreamt

You're right #47, but in this case he should have used the past participle, which is "blown".

47: Blew only works on its own immediately following the subject, not with helping verbs... I think.

Will you blow your boyfriend tonight. She just blew her boyfriend. Her boyfriend got blown.

jw90 18

A clear and valid point to where people just need to mind their own business.

flashback.miss 28

Leave a platter of brownies at her doorstep

Or a bag of chopped up grass would be a good substitute for a bag of flaming feces. Bags of flaming feces don't answer everything!

She comes out to take it inside and finds her front and backyard destroyed.