By StickySituations - 27/01/2012 22:32 - United States

Today, my roommate did his laundry. Unfortunately, he didn't check his pockets before he washed them. There's now sticky, melted gum all over the washer and I'm left to clean it up. FML
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OP here, and i realized i made a huge mistake in my FML. This actually took place in the dryer not the washer. I'm not sure why i made that silly mistake. However for anyone who this may ever happen to i managed to get it off rather easily by soaking a fresh dryer sheet in cold water and scrubbing away at the gum.... and yes, it really was gum.

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You should just leave it for him to deal with. FYL.

Wait for his ass to come back and force him to clean up the mess.


You should just leave it for him to deal with. FYL.

Yeah I don't get how your stuck with it. Tell him it's his fault and that he has to clean it. Grow a pair OP, metaphorically speaking that is

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when my roomates piss me off, I fill... well nevermind.

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There are no good puns for this FML, which is very disappointing...

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Fuuuuuuuuuuck i hate when that happens. My mom washed my favourite sweater and it had gum in its pocket D: And now the gum wont come off. sad. D';

Clean it, then take the gum and smash it into his face

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You need a better roommate

Well, thank you captain obvious . P.s You need a haircut

Piss on his now-clean pants. And shirts. And bed. And blame the cat. Oh, you don't have a cat? Blame a ghost..or your mother..

Your comment is poop poor. Even Austin Powers wouldn't be able to hold that much piss.

I don't think his pants would be clean if there was gum in one of the pockets...

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5 hour rule?

Second* and that applies to food, not washing machines.

Wait for his ass to come back and force him to clean up the mess.

He's a guy she's a girl. Unfortunately the way evolution works she will clean it up b4 he does. His mess=her problem

or she could take her clothes to a Laundromat..

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Laundry's hard for some people. I'd kill him.

How about you stick your room mate in ther?

That's almost like Hansel and Gretel. (I think that's how you spell Gretel.)

I hope for your sake it was gum.

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Just make him clean it up. If he didn't check, it was his own fault! It was his laundry! Hope it was gum haha(:

You should definitely talk to him about that... It's his fault, he should man up and clean the mess.