By lextoast - Rwanda
Today, I went on a fabulous date with a really cute, smart, funny guy. He only mentioned his dad, so when I asked about his mom, I asked if they were divorced. She'd died of breast cancer so I felt awful. Then I asked if his dad had ever remarried. His stepmom had died of cancer too. FML
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  trollcrusher  |  17

Indeed, he obviously hasn't had it easy, losing two successive mothers to cancer... FHL. But on the bright side, OP got to go out with a great guy, and he doesn't sound like he'd hold this against her. Sympathy for him is good, but you weren't trying to be rude! Just focus on the fact that you met someone you truly like.

  Nanu77  |  9

Why is this fml, op asked an appropriate question. can't have predicted the reality.

Have fun, if he is the right guy.

Stop being so apologetic in life!!

By  ApollosMyth  |  22

I don't think any understanding person would be upset with you. It may have made you uncomfortable and him a little sad, but he probably is used to explaining it and has no negative feelings towards you about it.

By  MrConcise  |  34

He deserves a sympathy lay after that.

On the real though, I've never understood why people feel awkward about asking about parents who turn out to be dead unless it was recent.