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  iAlissa  |  34

So she called him a name. She's having hormonal issues with the pregnancy, like any healthy pregnant woman should.
So he thinks it's okay to abandon not only her in her time of need, but also the unborn child.
You deserve better OP

  YepThatsMeee  |  23

74 - exactly. I somehow find it hard to believe a guy would get a restraining order JUST because his gf called him an asshole once. The only thing we know about the girl is that she had time to FML just after her bf kicked her out :-P

  MoeT8979  |  8

Whatever, girls do what they want, hit guys call em every name in the book. Then look offended when cunt comes out. There is ALWAYS a way to validate a females actions (hormones, period,) stfu

  hoshimi2012  |  8

I agree that he shouldn't have kicked his pregnant girlfriend out however she could've done more to him than just call him an asshole. Some women are complete bitches whether they're pregnant or not (I myself can be a complete bitch at times). In my opinion they are both in the wrong. Him for kicking her out and her for doing whatever else she might have done to piss him off.

  thatsucks4you  |  7

I just find it funny that she is FMLing this. But she deserves it for having a baby with a guy like this anyways. Like that quote, "Don't marry man unless you'd be proud to have son like him." Or daughter too, because I act a lot like my dad!


She's not married to him, and I am pretty sure she's not about to marry him. Many people have babies out of wedlock, for many reasons birth control failed, failure to use birth control are two reasons. Just because she's having his kid doesn't mean she deserves this fml.

  coversquirrel  |  8

Completely random, but am I the only one who gets annoyed when people write stuff like "16 weeks" instead of just "4 months" it's so much easier to write... And read..

  EggsinaBasket  |  9

what?! obviously this one moment doesn't define his life or who he is. I know plenty of nice people who once they go over the top they are one of the meanest people I know. For all we know, "asshole" might not have been the only thing OP called him.


I think they mean just leave and move on, which may be the best. Once he calms down he may try talking to her again and convince her to come back and blah blah blah. Unhealthy relationships tend to repeat this way.

  Ryan8878  |  21

What's backwards is that we take this story at face value. People are so sure of OP's innocence here? Threatening a restraining order for simply being called a name? Such BS. More obviously went down between these two.

  cradle6  |  13

Thank you 52.

I feel like OP's boyfriend would tell a completely different story.

Maybe a couple careful omissions were made for this story...

  MEM0817  |  18

I get what you guys are saying and you're more than likely completely right. I, however, have experienced something like this (not pregnant) with an ex (who is bipolar) He would flip his shit, take all my money, keys and phone and kick me out of OUR house. Over dumb shit. So you just never know. That could be the actual gist of the story, or it could be more.

By  EpicSquishii  |  21

Couple things here:

1. He kicked you out essentially with no place to go, right? Where the fuck are you where you can comfortably post FML stories? Priorities.

2. Assuming this is true, I'm not one to condone calling names, but to each their own. You being pregnant doesn't exactly excuse your behavior, but it definitely SHOULD give any significant other pause before tossing you out on your ass.
You could easily have been assaulted.
All in all it sounds like a completely unhealthy situation that you should check yourself out of immediately. You're toxic for each other and any baby deserves to be raised in a way healthier environment than you two could provide.

  cocacola999  |  27

She's bound to have some friends or acquaintances who can put her for up for a few days. Or she's in a hotel. I find it unlikely that she literally wound up on the street, but that doesn't make his behaviour any more acceptable.
And, sadly people sometimes say hurtful things to each other. We don't even know what prompted her to call him an asshole. Him reacting this way was definitely uncalled for.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

That might be true, I'm definitely hoping that's the case. It's really worrisome to think of someone stranded like that with her condition.

Working in DV shelters since I was 17, I've seen it all too often where pregnant women were either hurt or thrown out without a soul to turn to. I really hope that she just stays away and has friends go get her things for her.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

It doesn't. Hormones and discomfort do not excuse being disrespectful and calling names. You don't get a free pass at hurting your loved ones just because you're going through shit

  capnbzarr  |  43

@20, how can you admit we *don't know why* he called her an asshole in one sentence, than call his reaction "definitely uncalled for" in the next sentence? The only logical conclusion is that you believe there is absolutely no such thing as a pregnant woman who is also an asshole--which is patently ridiculous.

  wlddog  |  14

I find myself agreeing with you more and more often. You may replace the coveted Noor soon.
Ignore the idiots that thumbed you down. Your comment was logical and based on reality.
Too many people stick around in bad situations, and then want to blame others.