By Anonymous - 10/8/2020 08:06

Sounds like a catch

Today, my psycho ex tried to call the cops on me for "poisoning her food." I live two hours away from her, and have no money or gas to go anywhere near her. Turns out, she poisoned herself for eating raw chicken and pizza dough. I have a child with this idiot. FML
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By  John Nemeth  |  14

Did she actually call the cops on you?

I’m wondering if she would get in trouble for making such a blatant claim against you. I wouldn’t even doubt it if she’s done this kind of crap before or would do it again.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

The child is your fault too. Should have used protection. But still, that is one psycho ex you've got. Sounds like you dodged a bullet with her. I hope you're the one that has custody of the kid.