By Ginny - / Tuesday 30 June 2009 09:23 / Netherlands
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  paks7  |  0

so on this website....we all jump on people for being fat and not exercising...
and now when somebody actually is trying to better their life-we still attack them...


Rule#1 of fmylife.com: Attack people no matter who they are or what they like!

But yeah, well done game_over, those do sound like decent times (ease up on the bragging though). And I go for 20-30 minute runs. I'm extremely unfit, and I go quite fast, so it does have health benefits.

  Dlzq  |  22

#101 Exactly, I always bring my phone. Not just for music, but also to control the time I run and walk since I don't have a watch..

By  americayay  |  0

So clearly you knew that something COULD happen to it were you to take it with you on a run without securring it better, otherwise, why run around the house first? And you took it anyway.


I think when she was testing it, it shifted out to the edge of her pocket and the running is what finally let it loose.

Anyway, I take my cell phone for emergencies...like in case I lock myself out of the house, I encounter someone along the way, etc.

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