By Ginny - 30/06/2009 09:23 - Netherlands

Today, I decided to start running to stay fit. Before I left, I put my cell phone in my sweat shirt pocket, and jumped vigorously up and down and ran around my apartment to make sure it wouldn't fall out. On a bridge, it slides out of my pocket and drops fifteen feet into the water below. FML
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Wow. Bragging on You're so ******* cool.


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or get sweats with zippers. i have them :]

yes, and the belt clip is especially more important in the netherlands, where there are canals and bridges and rivers every 3 meters!

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whenever im running i just hold onto my phone (and ipod) its doesnt intrude on your running at all

# 40 That's just not true. Stereotyping much?

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56, maybe he lives there so he would know?

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^ actually, 56 lives there. So he/she would know.

Aww, that sucks! I hope you didn't have anything too important on your mobile!! :)

I'm a thread-jacking whorefuck. That said, that's really unlucky OP. Still, hopefully next time you'll know to wear stuff with zipped pockets when you're doing stuff like this.

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why would you need your cell phone for a run? you would have survived 20 minutes without it..

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Who runs for 20 minutes? And I bring mine with me in case of an emergency. Perhaps I am paranoid.

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if u run for twenty minutes, thats not gonna help you lose weight.

if you do it everyday for about 2 months it really does a lot. Thats how everyone starts, no one is born as fast as me(Like a 16:32 5K BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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ha, you said fast, and then talked about a long distants race.... 49.3 second 400m dash...

do you even know how fast my time is, thats national times. that was my average time. how about 800 in 1:55. does that compute?

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Wow. Bragging on You're so ******* cool.

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so on this website....we all jump on people for being fat and not exercising... and now when somebody actually is trying to better their life-we still attack them...

Go **** yourself. Nobody really gives a damn, **** monkey.

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Rule#1 of Attack people no matter who they are or what they like! But yeah, well done game_over, those do sound like decent times (ease up on the bragging though). And I go for 20-30 minute runs. I'm extremely unfit, and I go quite fast, so it does have health benefits.

haha they attack people for having to much muscle, saying well you have no life if you excercise.. um okay? lol

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WOW... Everybody is asking why you would need your phone on a run and nobody mentioned music. that is the only reason i would take mine.

#101 Exactly, I always bring my phone. Not just for music, but also to control the time I run and walk since I don't have a watch..

perhaps he was listening to music, lots of people do that

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That really sucks, but why take your phone on a run anyway? I'm torn between FYL and YDI.


I take my phone on runs to time myself. Plus, what if something happens? I could call or be called.

Be smart it says, to keep fit, not to lose a ton of fat... think about it you jack asses!

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So clearly you knew that something COULD happen to it were you to take it with you on a run without securring it better, otherwise, why run around the house first? And you took it anyway.

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I think when she was testing it, it shifted out to the edge of her pocket and the running is what finally let it loose. Anyway, I take my cell phone for in case I lock myself out of the house, I encounter someone along the way, etc.

That's just the way the world works shit MUST happen or we cannot maintain the perfect balance of tranquility in universe.

You obviously figured it wasn't a good idea... Try pockets.

which cell phone? I hope its not an iPhone.....I respect them a lot!