By Xbieblette51 - 19/08/2014 22:30 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, I called my boyfriend to let him know that I'm pregnant. He instantly replied "Bullshit!", then hung up and apparently skipped town. FML
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I hope he's your ex-boyfriend now. If he decides to ditch you with the baby then try to get him to pay child support.

That's ok, you're a strong independent (insert race here) woman who don't need no man! *Insert finger snaps*


I hope he's your ex-boyfriend now. If he decides to ditch you with the baby then try to get him to pay child support.

Take him to that paternity test show.

And if none of that works just send guys that are bigger than him out to "find" him.

Or kick him in the nuts a few times so he can't do this to another women.

I hope "another women" is a typo.

Its not like you can do anything about his grammar. I hope it just makes your skin crawl at that fact that you'll never be able to change it.

Anyone else think the profile pics of #1 & #9 fit this FML perfectly?...

Looks like my dad took off to Washington ... :/

Unless they were married, I don't think that he can be forced to pay child support

That really sucks, sorry OP

Sounds like the type of comment you can say in any FML.

#42 unless it's those kinds of FMLs where OP really deserves it.

He was obviously not worthy to be your child's father anyway. You'll find a better man to help raise him/her.

Yea a chick with a kid gets all the dudes

@38 ...All the dudes actually worth dating, anyway.

They could've been in a long term serious relationship and he's always seemed like a good guy. The whole thing of the "bad boys" isn't as simple as it may seem. And she may not be a young girl! Could easily be a woman in her 30s. Is it just me who finds phoning with that news a bit odd? Good or bad news, it seems face to face to me.

yeah, because there is an army of guys wanting to raise some one's elses kid...

It's not about wanting to raise someone else's kid it's about being willing to raise anothers kid as your own

#80 "irresponsible young women who spread their legs for the bad boys"? That's jumping to conclusions isn't it? Define "bad boy", everyone has a different opinion of what a "bad boy" or "good boy" is. As for the adoption part of your comment, single mothers can raise children just as well as two parents can, if not better, what makes a single parent household such a curse that the unborn child needs to be put up for adoption? I think OP is more worried that the father has skipped town than of she can raise the child on her own, and if she is worried about that, than sure, adoption is an option, but jumping the gun and say "put it up for adoption, you can't handle a child" is just...callous and rude. That's how I read your comment anyways.

They ARE out there. I have a very supportive, loving and sweet husband now who adores my son I had before I met him and calls him his own, and I'm not even an attractive person, just a young chubby mom and he fell in love with me anyway. So depending on OP's looks/personality there will always be people willing to like and love someone, kids and all.

@38 it's a wonder you're still single

You're in luck if you're in Washington, D.C. Complain to President Obama! ..on a serious note, he's a dick. File for child support, hope you have his details.

Washington the state, not DC

Obama won't do anything about that. He's busy with far more important matters like taking lavish vacations with taxpayer money and getting America into wars we have no reason to be in.

The White House is in Washington, D.C. If OP resides in D.C., it'll be more easier, but I brought Obama as a joke, even if the police is a cuter option.

You'd think Obama would have more important things to worry about right now

Like playing golf.

Or the growing crisis in Iraq. An American citizen just got beheaded by ISIS. Anyways, OP, he's not fit to be a father. And congratulations on your child :)

Wait we still aren't out of Iraq? Didn't he get elected 6 years ago on the premise of getting us out of there 4 years ago? CHANGE!!!! Sorry I couldn't help it.

Obama was off playing golf while the funeral of a two star general was being held. You'd think he would attend the highest ranking officers death since Vietnam. His priorities are way out of correct order.

I'm pretty sure a 4-star general died not more than four years ago.

We aren't out of anywhere, they say we're out of. America is probably in just about every country in the world, either "helping", or "peacekeeping". Except Russia. Because Russia and America are being dicks to each other. Mainly Russia trying to get Ukraine back. Oh but OP on the bright side you don't want that kind of guy raising your kid.

He doesn't seem to feel that way. Such an irresponsible President.

Well I guess he is to busy playing golf...

Sometimes, it really saddens me to be a guy.

It shouldn't, her ex-boyfriend is no man. He's a douche and a coward.

simply rise above

After reading the 16-day period FML, I've never been more happy being a guy

Why? You think that just cause one is a man that we collectively share the guilt of all men?

Aww, I'm sorry OP I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy. And hope he comes to his senses that it's his child no matter what.

That's ok, you're a strong independent (insert race here) woman who don't need no man! *Insert finger snaps*

*z-snaps out of fierceness*

I love the insert race part.

I hope that's now ex-boyfriend and he's definitely a dick.

Raise your baby to be the opposite of your hopefully ex-boyfriend

Interesting idea. I'm sure she hasn't thought of that yet.

You can't force someone be there for you but you can file for child support, it's definitely not the same but it's something. Good luck though!

Yeah the child support will definitely come in handy.

Child support won't help if the "boyfriend" flees the country - hypothetically speaking. If the boyfriend already bailed out, what would stop him from fleeing the country? I would assume the boyfriend already took all of these scenarios into consideration before leaving his "baby mama".