By Anonymous - 27/12/2010 17:53 - Canada

Today, I am pregnant, and my boyfriend dumped me, saying that he didn't want to be stuck in anything too serious. FML
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He should've thought about that before he stuck his dick into you.

FYL. make him pay child suppoty


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YDI for premarital sex(: hahah, I'm sorry op, that really sucks. :(

Yeah, you don't want him to be part of you or your childs life.

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I have that saaaame problem! WDI...shouldn't be having sex before you're married. I hope you learned that lesson like I did. You don't want him around the baby anyways, if he's acting like this now, imagine how he'd make that child feel.

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lmao, its too late now isnt it?

Marriage is a joke now (at least in American society, idk about Canadian). I think the real deciding factor on this FML on whether it's FYL or YDI is her age/how long they were together. Damn conservatives and their "pre-marital sex will ruin your life" notions.

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That has nothing to do with being conservative and has everything to do with facts. If you've made the decision to live as a married couple, then okay. My cousin just had her second baby with her man and I am super happy for them. Psychologically if you are not prepared and ready to make the kind of commitment that marriage entails, then you are not ready to be having sex with anyone. Period. I was with my baby's father for 4 years. I am now 20 and he is 22, so are you saying that it makes it okay for us to be sleeping together despite the fact that we were not married? Last time I checked, it obviously wasn't since I am now 8 months pregnant and single with no idea where he is. I understand if you have a different belief system, you will have a different idea of marriage, but I have to disagree with marriage just being a piece of paper. I believe in the one and only God who came to us in the form of Jesus and because of that I believe that marriage is a holy union of two people. Our government makes it a piece of paper.

Please keep religious assaults and assaults on religion off these comments. I'd like to keep commenting.

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24, when I was in high school, girls romanticized having a child and swore that their boyfriends wouldn't leave them.

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What's more serious than being a total pussy who won't commit to being a father?

piece of paper and rings * haha

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#57 I was not assaulting religion or any such thing, I was just stating my idea of marriage and that, unless you are atheist, etc. you probably have some sort of view on marriage that is no "just a piece of paper" #55 If that's what you believe then fine. Don't tell someone that what they believe is wrong, or that what you believe is right, that's really just plain ignorant.

I was referring to the good Captain, not to you, Pixie.

The divorce rate here in America, (which I'm guessing the majority of posters are, due to their idealized belief in marriage) is 50%. Now, that's just AWFUL. America bases their marriages on idealistic views on love, romance, etc. In most other countries, it's all a BUSINESS, and both partners are perfectly happy. Again, I do NOT claim to know anything about Canadian society, but if it's anything like America, (which I doubt) then marriage would NOT be a guarantee to keep them together. I mean, it's all numbers. 50% divorce rate, 1/2 of all marriages end, despite having kids or not, so, this "YDI for having pre-marital sex!" is all bullshit. It doesn't make a difference. At all.

79- Wait, so atheists don't believe in committed relationships with people they love?!?! Shit, I better tell my fiancé to take a hike.

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I'm not saying that atheists don't believe that, I'm just saying that is where I can think of the idea that "marriage is just a piece of paper" stems from. Sorry #82 >.< #83 I agree with you, actually. I honestly think the days when marriages were arranged were much better than nowadays. I think another problem with marriage nowadays is that people are so selfish. "Do they love ME?" "Do they make ME happy?" Back then, two people who usually didn't know each other well got married, and by fulfilling their marital duties they learned to respect each other. Respect would turn to liking each other, and eventually you learn to love each other. Nowadays everyone is wrapped up in this idea of having a soul mate and finding "the one" and it's quite silly, I think.

I think the whole piece of paper thing is from the people who are afraid to make the commitment, like OP's baby daddy. People who preach that type of thing are usually the ones who are unwilling to marry due to a fear of legal commitment and responsibility. It's much easier to leave a significant other with the responsibility of a child if the couple was never married. Sad, but true.

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Personally, I think anyone should be allowed to get married to whomever they please. There needs to be some boundaries however in reference to marrying children, or animals, or inanimate objects, but any two consenting adults should be allowed to wed. Then they can break if off if they wish into a "Christian" marriage, a "Jewish" marriage, an "Atheist" marriage, a plain old marriage, etc. But to tell two people that they cannot legally bind themselves because of religion goes against everything American was built on. Aren't we supposed to have a separation of church and state?

Yes, and we're just little bags of thinking water that are held up briefly by fragile accumulations of calcium. Marriage may very well be just a piece of paper to you, Captain, but it means a good deal more to many others.

the whole point of this is to judge away with no consequence. what a stupid thing to say.

I find it amusing how nobody has suggested the obvious way out of pregnancy: abortion.

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Maybe because nobody here believes in killing babies.

134: To someone who is NOT pro-life, the whole "abortion is murder" argument does not hold any water. It's like telling an atheist that they should believe in god or they'll burn in hell. It. just. doesn't. work. A woman has the right to choose WHEN and IF she wants a kid. if you don't believe in abortion, don't have one, but don't take away people's FREEDOM and CHOICES. (and because you are an American, I would assume that you believe in those ideals.)

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Oh, okay, so since it's all about freedom and choices, I can go murder the next person to piss me off? Cause I live in a free country?

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A woman does get to decide when and if she has a baby. It's called having sex, or not having sex.

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99- That IS what we are. I'm sorry OP. You're probably better off without that creep. He is going to be the only one suffering for this, because his child will grow up without his bad influence and you are no longer bound to some hopeless loser. If you see him, flip him off for me, okay?

FYL. make him pay child suppoty

OP Tell him that if he didn't want serious he shouldn't have dipped his unwrapped taco bellend into a side of serious pie.

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Err, yeah he should have thought of that before keeping it with you when he should have taken it out. And you suck OP next time make sure he's up for the commitment duh.

According to your boyfriend sex isn't serious

Anyone ever think it may not be his?

He should've thought about that before he stuck his dick into you.

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First she has to learn that sex may lead to pregnancy. You may be giving her too much credit.

Obviously he doesn't have to think about it anymore.

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Well, now he's stuck with child support.

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OP dont do child support things will change when the baby is here! trust me it gets better and its his loss, show him u can do it without him because once they pay chile support they have more rights! being a single mom is hard but so worth it!

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If he left before the baby was even born, there's no way he's coming back. He's a wimp. Don't be spreading false hope.

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I'm sorry to stray off topic Mirorbo, but I'd just like to say your picture looks like a sad chicken from far away...

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birth control is your friend. unless of course you did it on purpose... if thats the case you are a moron and deserve to be a single parent

Excuse me? Maybe they talked about having a family beforehand, but now that it's happening, the boyfriend has decided to back out? You can't judge based on such little information.

Than OP should have included that they had planned on having a family as it would of further helped the FML. Looks like they were just stupid and now she's pregnant. Either abortion if you believe in it, or child support if you don't. Next time cover his stump before you hump OP.

Doesn't mean the child deserves growing up without a father

She did it on purpose drove him insane just so she could be a single parent havent u seen rhe tv show teen mom and 16 and pregnant

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single mother???

Barbie isn't known for her deduction skills.

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#54 Lmfao, You're a ******* genius.

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El oh El. She resembles the girl from Heroes who can't die :P

Now is when you see a family court attorney and prepare to file suit for child support. Don't wait. Your child deserves to be supported by both parents.

i would rather burn in hell than pay a lazy bitch child support

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160. You. are a moron. -_- seriously, if you got someone pregnant, you pay or help raise the child. Simple? Douche.

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Totally agree.

Lol woops.. Finger slipped.. I meant file for child support. If you want him back, let him know that he's committed one way or another..

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That's alright. I'm already raising one child alone. I started dating a new guy