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By kat124ever - 07/01/2013 08:35 - United States - Apo

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I'm too "high maintenance". And that's because I ask him to use condoms when we have sex, and I refuse to invite my friends over for threesomes. I don't know why I'm not actually glad we are broken up. FML
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If he thinks wanting to use condoms is high maintenance, I'd love to see how he feels about the babies that will result with not using them.

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When he asked for a threesome, you should have invited one of your male friends over. That'd shut him up, one way or the other.


If he thinks wanting to use condoms is high maintenance, I'd love to see how he feels about the babies that will result with not using them.

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No no it's totally ok...he can "pull out in time".

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"Be my baby's daddy!" Though I suppose there was no risk of that with OP.

But having sex with a condom is like taking a shower with a rain coat! Too bad the consequences are much worse for the no condom part.

Seems like he is to high maintenance to me.

I've actually tried that. It's actually fun, like protected sex.

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there is no such things as pulling on time. precum could make pregnant

you can use pill, you know.... but if you plan on non monogamous sex (threesome), you should be afraid of STDs

Move on from that disrespectful douche. That's a guy who's just going to spread disease. Good for you for standing up for yourself!!

How did she stand up for herself? He's the one that ended their relationship..

Despite him ending the relationship, OP refused to engage in unprotected sex or threesomes.

If you use another form of contraception (the pill <3), it's actually not so strange if you don't want to use condoms. They're expensive and sex gets a whole lot better without them. But yeah, if you don't know for certain where his penis has been all those years, it's lovely to use them.

Gotta agree with #96. Having to use condoms suck! And I do understand why guys would like to be without when its in a relationship!

#41, Yeah and if you had a one night stand, i'd either tell you... You sir are the father(most probably happen) and welcome to the world of STDs.

Do tell me how inexpensive pills are. Oh right you can't because they are pretty darn expensive as well.

Well, I doubt that he will care for them either way. Besides, he probably would expect her to take the pill. Protecting yourself against STDs seems to be a foreign concept to him.

Sorry, 115, but until my 21th birthday I got my pill for free (health insurance, another thing I love) and for the rest of my life I will have to pay 30 euros for a year protected sex. That's the same price as, what, thirty condoms?

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Stop listening to fundamentalist bull. Condoms DO protect against STDs.

120 - that's great for you, but not everyone's insurance covers birth control. The pills I was on cost $16-20 a pack, which adds up to over $200 a year. I can get condoms for free from my university's clinic. Not to mention some women get awful side effects from them (mine weren't bad, but they made it almost impossible to ******, which was irritating)

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Here in the states birth control is pretty expensive and most health insurances doesn't cover them. I had to stop taking birth control due to some pretty nasty side effects. A LOT of women have this problem. I tried the depo shot and it ended up stripping my body of estrogen. I think that if you're not trying to have kids, there's no reason why a man can't wear a condom. I prefer a loss in sensitivity over the side effects of Hormonal birth control any day. Any guy that expects a woman to be on the pill should have to take them as well.

Health insurance where I live doesn't cover any form of birth control, nor can you get them anywhere for free. They're all expensive. But condoms are the most available.

To be fair he probably expected her to take the pill so he doesn't have to "worry" about buying new condoms all the time... Which is ridiculously selfish of him. I have no idea what to even say to the threesome thing

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@105, it's because you have no real idea how many other partners your significant other has had before being in a relationship with you. Protecting yourself via condoms isn't just about preventing pregnancy, it's about preventing STD's as well. Have you learned nothing in Sex Ed? Or were you in one of those abstinence only type of Sex Ed classes?

He sounds like a douche, OP. You're better off.

You'll be happy when you get over him, and you will fond someone who appreciete you :)

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Find not fond. Probably autocorrect though.

No, 5 probably put fond instead of find on purpose. (??????)

I'm sure OP will fondle someone else eventually.

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No matter how stupid and or douchey your boyfriend/girlfriend is in the end, its no fun getting hurt and their is usually always some kind of regret. Just chin up and move on!

Pretty much this. My ex was sexually and verbally abusive, stalked me for two weeks after we broke up, and I *still* was upset over the break-up - loss of familiarity (even if that familiarity was hella bad for me), and especially the disappointment - he had let me down, he was then terrorizing me, and I had wasted over a year of my life on that douchebag trying to make it work.

Men like that should be single for life

Men like that should be single for life, or until they GROW THE **** UP.

But he does not want to grow up. LOL I have a feeling that guy will be single because he is to stupid to grow up and learn respect.

The second you meet a guy who respects you and treats you like a lady, this dummy will become nothing more than a funny memory of douche bags past!

Unless the girl hasn't grown up which, in this case, it seems OP has. Best of luck to you with finding that one!

Best of luck finding a guy worth your time op :)