By Migole - 24/02/2013 01:42 - Germany - Leverkusen

Today, a colleague gave me an expensive box of chocolates for my birthday. I was surprised she spent so much on me, but didn't think much of it. Only when I got back home and excitedly opened the box did I realise the chocolates had expired months ago. FML
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Migole tells us more.

Those were still fine luckily but in general it can expire, yes. It becomes all grey and greasy and tastes like soap. Not nice :/

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oj101 33

.. you never know what you're gonna get. Forrest Gump - one of the greatest movies ever.

It was the Jimmy Kimmel thing, don't worry about it.

She probably regifted them or something.

iammeorami 25

what kind of idiot re gifts edible items?

37- someone who doesn't want to get fat.

how do you know the colleague is a girl

Probably by the word "she" used to refer to the colleague in the fml

Give them back to her for her birthday!

Maybe the colleague didn't realize the chocolate had expired? It's probably still safe to eat...

Assuming that she hadn't noticed, the place where she would have bought them would resposible for it and should be approached. But I highly think that's what happened. OP, you should tell her about it and see her reaction.

Unless the colleague bought the chocolates out of a clearance bin in an attempt to get something nice without spending a ton of money. There is a store where I live that has about 8 clearance carts whenever I go there that just full of stuff that is past technical expiration but still fine to eat.

miniluda12 12

Am I the only one who's reminded of icarly?

SilentScreamer 12

I was thinking about that too.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

That box of chocolate will indeed cost her dearly...

its the thought that uh..the lack thereof

megamcfly 1

It's chocolate. Unless it has fruit in it or something I doubt it's bad, so at least you got something out of it.

Have you ever eaten old chocolate? It turns whitish and crumbly and tastes like chalk. Ugh. Something I'd never want to experience again.

megamcfly 1

You do know that expiration dates aren't regulated right? That means they can throw whatever date they want on there. Yeah after a super long time (I doubt a few months is enough) its bad, but you have to use a little of your own discretion.