By Migole - Germany - Leverkusen
Today, a colleague gave me an expensive box of chocolates for my birthday. I was surprised she spent so much on me, but didn't think much of it. Only when I got back home and excitedly opened the box did I realise the chocolates had expired months ago. FML
Migole tells us more :
Those were still fine luckily but in general it can expire, yes. It becomes all grey and greasy and tastes like soap. Not nice :/
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  a1f0sff  |  25

Assuming that she hadn't noticed, the place where she would have bought them would resposible for it and should be approached. But I highly think that's what happened. OP, you should tell her about it and see her reaction.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Unless the colleague bought the chocolates out of a clearance bin in an attempt to get something nice without spending a ton of money. There is a store where I live that has about 8 clearance carts whenever I go there that just full of stuff that is past technical expiration but still fine to eat.

By  stevenJB  |  25

Dat bitch e.e

  megamcfly  |  1

You do know that expiration dates aren't regulated right? That means they can throw whatever date they want on there. Yeah after a super long time (I doubt a few months is enough) its bad, but you have to use a little of your own discretion.