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Today, I got a birthday present from my boyfriend's mom. It was ProActiv acne solution. He tried to make me feel better by explaining it's because she wants to be able to include me in family pictures. FML
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Why are there so many people saying she deserves it? Some people wash their faces every day and still get acne because of bad genes or other factors.


Achall91 17

Wow it seems like you both have really ugly hearts. No need to be an asshole.

That stuff ain't cheap though. So thank her for paying a lot of money for your ugly ass

Hey pizzafaces are not cool ____________________________

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people who advertise their myspace on every comment they post are not cool.

That's a needlessly cruel way to spread the Christmas cheer...

♥ who says her birthday isn't near Christmas? lol. xoxo ♥

Birthday present, yes. Still, unneccesary bitch move so close to Christmas. You know what this leaves room for? Revenge on Christmas morning.

Having birthdays near Christmas can be the very worst, trust me. But it always leaves room for revenge, I'll say.

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wow bitch much!?!?!?! I know! send her a "proper dress attire for your age" book :P

Well, apparently you dont take care 'bout your face, at least she does. YDI & stop bitching.

ydi for not ******* taking care of your face. filthy americans

Filthy Americans? Fall down a fifty foot well and rot there.

Here's a very simply word equation for you. I'm an American + I wash my face twice a day + I also use spot treatment cream four times a week + I still have acne problems because my skin is naturally oily and my hormones fluctuate greatly during That Time of the Month = I'm a hygienic yet still-pimply American and you're still a metaphorical herpes sore on the metaphorical arsehole of the human race. Thanks for playing!

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yes, comment above me. yes. this

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UGH i hate the word arse... but yea you tell him!

meh. She can just Photoshop your acne, bacne, and racne out.

She already does anyway on her wrinkles.

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Im so sorry ; - ; My boyfriends mom did that same thing two years ago. Except mine wasnt acne. Mine were scars. x-x some people are just bitches >(

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Serve her some pus on a cracker.

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I don't think quoteXunquote was trying to be clever. It IS the truth.