By Anonymous - 29/01/2011 11:55 - Canada

Today, it was my birthday. My boyfriend had been telling me for the past two weeks that he had something planned for the occasion. His plan? Me watching TV with his parents, who hate me, while he went to work. His gift? A brand new Xbox 360 for himself. FML
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What a douche. You should have left to go out with your friends.


UnprecendentedAw 0

Ditto. Or just wait. There won't be a relationship there long anyway...

Chris19801012 0

What!!!! That's was thoughtful, I'm sure an X box isn't cheap. Maybe he is trying to find a way they can bond together. So judgmental.

56 - Or maybe OP clearly showed her dislike of the console in this here post.

Tell him to share the xbox, go buy a cake and eat cake while playin on it, then have sex? dingdong good birthday :D

gaming with the BF beats any kind of stuoid material gift or boring fancyAss dinner ;D atleast in my opinion...

or he's the worst boyfriend and is a selfish prick.

What a douche. You should have left to go out with your friends.

That just sucks, and I don't know you, but if you don't deserve this, then I would say leave him.

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Epic win by OP's boyfriend! Did you make him a sammich while he was playing?

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Well, it's pretty obvious about who he cares about the most. That last part would've definitely been a deal breaker for me so FYL OP.

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ha YDI just becuz u do. what's his gamertag? did he get black ops yet? gears of war? oh yea happy bday btw

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happy birthday then. want a cookie? TOO BAD IT'S MINE! GET UR OWN FREAKING COOKIE!