By Anonymous - 19/04/2012 14:14 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I had a conversation about how Victoria Beckham ate fruit salad for her birthday, as if it was an important subject. FML
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daftPunKt 4

Get your own life

Omg, she EATS?! ..*sarcasm*


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BarDownDaily 12

Still more interesting then some of the things the media writes about.

siickman 7

Why was the first comment wasted yet again. :(

First world problems..

daftPunKt 4

Get your own life

I don't know why people are so invested in the lives of celebrities. They are people just like the rest of us

Is that not an important subject? I can think of few things more exciting than a soccer player's wife's birthday meal.

alicekittykatt 0


she needs more meat on them bones.

41 - How could you possibly find a woman that skinny, attractive? Women are beautiful at any size, but

lacrossebrah13 8

Anorexia at its finest

#63-- Why do people think it's okay to say "She needs to be fatter" but not okay to say "She needs to be thinner"? If anyone had said that a celebrity needed to lose weight, it would be considered rude and "perpetuating media stereotypes" and whatnot. Weird.

105, I'm with you on this one can't be too thin, can't be too fat not everyone is perfect. I actually think she's gorgeous but everyone deserves cake for their birthday!

deliriousbasil 0

No they are not

David Beckham is hot.

#105 are you serious!?.. as far as ive noticed the majority of glossy mags go on n on about female celebs gaining weight and how to lose pounds in weeks!... in all my years I've never once read an article that explains how to gain weight in a healthy manner! ...n as for rude comments about weight, ive found that people seem to think its much more socially acceptable to call someone skinny then it is to call another fat! (as if 'skinny' is a compliment! psssh) :S

#142-- Yeah, that's in magazines. In pretty much every other form of media (on TV, in the news, in schools and on the internet especially) people are told that you shouldn't listen to what magazines show you-- they are TRYING to make people more comfortable with being chubby/bigger, but the way a lot of people choose to do that is by harassing naturally thin people. I know naturally thin people who have been called anorexic, bulimic, whores, sluts, etc. Look at any Youtube video with a thin girl, and there will undoubtedly be a comment telling her to eat a sandwich or calling her anorexic. The news does this as well-- if an actress is dubbed "too thin", even if she is in a healthy weight range or it's her natural weight, she's labeled anorexic... It's a double standard.

deransc 19

Most magazines have articles helping fat girls get skinny because that shit sells.

Omg, she EATS?! ..*sarcasm*

skyeyez9 24

I think judging by how emaciated V Beckham appears, looks like fruit is about the only thing she ever eats. Breakfast: a bowl of four strawberries and a piece of a mandarin orange. Lunch: two cherries, birthday dinner: splurge and eat a fruit salad.

But, you forgot she probably throws most of it up. She really needs help or unfortunately she may die soon.

Actually, that's a good point.

Pics or it didn't happen.

boxbrandon11 20

Nooo!! .... *sarcasm*

Wha.... What? Why? With who? How would that subject even come up?

With whom* GRAMMAR NAZI AWAY!! *whoosh*

Missed the edit by 30 seconds FML

Is that not an important subject? I can think of few things more exciting than a soccer player's wife's birthday meal.

^Did you post this comment in response to more than one comment? -___-'

It's funny because it got thumbed down twice. So he's failing all across the map at this point.

Wellwhateverthen 8


omgg. i have the same sweater!!! :) amercian eagle? :D

koolkat27 13

ugly sweater...

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Or 6 just sniped a picture of 115's chest sometime.... ;D

Wow the highlight of your life !

JodeMiVida 13


How did you even know she did?

bizarre_ftw 21

Thats for you to wonder and celebrities to fear..... *creepy smile*

Creepers be creepin'

The good news is that you can have a lot of small talk if you could talk about that casually, so that's good :) Just find something more small talk that is relevant and dates would go so much better if you're single ^^ I don't mean to assume though, hve a nice day ^^

Alexisthebestest 16

You are always so cheerful. :)

Maybe even… saccharine?