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Today, I made my brother go to the grocery store to get some frozen pizzas. Ten minutes after he left, the power cut out. Still no power. Still hungry. FML
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Maybe go somewhere and get some different food yourself? It's not that hard

It's a shame grocery stores don't sell things that don't need to be heated prior to consumption. Things like fruit, vegetables, and Twinkies. Shame.


Start a fire and roast 'em. Or put them in your now-defunct freezer. Because it isn't working, your frozen pizzas will defrost and become suitable for consumption. Duh.

LoveMay 10

Or get them yourself.

... You realize that the problem is that the OP is unable/unwilling to consume the pizzas in the state they are purchased, which is frozen, right? I'm sure that the power going out didbt cause OP's brother's car to implode during the trip or anything.

Just text him telling him to go to little caesars for a hot n ready.

What is the world coming to, I'm hoping #1 was joking, highly doubt it.

I would understand people simply not liking a joke, but... Really? I didn't think there could be any doubt that I was joking.

I've made bagel bites, hot pockets, and pretzel sticks over a fire. I see no reason why you couldn't make a frozen pizza that way as well.

BarDownDaily 12

Meanwhile in Africa...

I've eaten frozen pizza cooked on the stove. Tasted completely fine. Don't see what the problem is here.

108 and 111, we're referring to the second half of my first comment, regarding the freezer and whatnot.

try a dutch oven :p

1. That would require Chuck Norris' fart. 2. Methane filled pizza would not be enjoyable. Not a great idea huh?

Or, a literal Dutch oven. Like the kind used for cooking?

hellbilly205 17

Yea seriously 6 did you stop to think that he meant an actual dutch oven also known as a hobo oven.

Ate I thought this was kinda funny! ;D

Maybe go somewhere and get some different food yourself? It's not that hard

Heat the pizza with candles. It doesn't need to be hot, just thawed completely... Cold pizza is still pretty good

Cold pizza is good AFTER it's been cooked THEN refrigerated.

It's still the same concept

keven501 12

Time for takeout!

TheWrongRight 5

Maybe OP doesn't live near any takeout places?

Many takeouts have delivery.

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This is a stupid one. Not even funny. Sucks your hungry but grow up and do something about it. Eat a granola bar or something that doesn't require cooking. Or next time go out and get the food yourself.

Hey cold pizza is good

Nothing like the taste of rock-hard frozen pizza!

I agree. Cold pizza is yummy!

I've actually put cooked pizza in the fridge because I wanted to wait for it to be cold.

He probably took advantage of the situation and ate it. Its ok OP in some countries they wait for power daily ,and sometimes they dont get it all!

Use a pan on a stove?

Only if op has a gas stove

A candle, a metal plate and a pair of tongs then?

OP can just use their heat vision. What? Not a mutant freak you say? Your loss.

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Tried the pan on the stove before in a hotel.. It was gross.

I know it can get gross. It was a mere suggestion as a last resort seeing how starved OP was.

TheDrifter 23

Why has nobody mentioned the barbeque? It works great for frozen pizzas.

Unless you use a lid. It's just like an oven still on top of a gas stove. Just keep the temperature low.

I hit YDI after the first 5 words.

I don't think you should have done that. Yes, it was wrong to send your brother to buy frozen pizza, but really it was about the POWER GOING OUT!!

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yes we understand, but if anyone should be posting an fml, its his brother cause he had it worst

nofearjenshere 12

Don't get your panties in a bunch, there's no need to yell.

It's a shame grocery stores don't sell things that don't need to be heated prior to consumption. Things like fruit, vegetables, and Twinkies. Shame.

I can't tell if OP is complaining since his power went out and his brother still isn't back from shopping, or he came back and can't cook the pizza. :/

Hell yeah, fucking twinkies!

gmc_blossom 21

Nothing like fucking Twinkies to get your day going...

Fucking twinkies? You guys must have weird fetishes.

Not to get in a fight with you, DocBastard, but it's better if the last 'shame' is in capitals. IT MAKES IT SOUND LOUDER IN YOUR HEAD(or at least, that's what it sounds like to my head)

I will never think of "white cream filling" the same way again...

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55- I couldnt help but notice your list and not only did you break at least 3 of your points in 1 comment, but mine is better (intent to brag? yes and also, i dont find your list important fyi)

I never said I followed the rules(I said the list is important, not that it shouldn't be followed[in other terms, I don't think it's stupid, but I break them sometimes]) you should keep comments to yourself. I don't like your list. Welcome to the world of harsh criticisms(my world)

N9ne_ZxxZ - Do me a favour and never ever EVER comment on one of my comments ever again. I will NOT tolerate someone who A) thinks women have no rights and B) thinks Hitler "deserves credit", even as a joke. If your profile info is supposed to be a joke, it isn't funny. Not even a little bit. And if it is NOT meant as a joke, you can go the fuck to Hell.

Reminds me of Zombieland when the giro grocery store. Right when e is about to hit the zombie with his banjo, there is a box of twinkles on the shelf to the right of te screen. Zombie killing, so fun you forgot why you there to begin with.

Don't say Zombieland

Yeah. I was wondering the same thing. There's no other food??!

KiddNYC1O 20

Any Wonder bread?