By hairy - 08/03/2012 14:30 - Serbia

Today, my boyfriend dumped me. Apparently my nose hair scares him. FML
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Well then shave that shit!! Just kidding. I feel sorry for you OP. Sorry you had to deal with a pussy of a boyfriend. Like, if he didn't like it, he could have just asked you to take care of it, instead of treating you like you had a second head.

I wouldn't say pussy, he was at least honest enough to say why he broke up with her. Asshole or douchebag would be a more applicable word.

20, You don't know that he didn't ask her to, if she refused then he has every right to be with whoever he wants. You don't own him, his reasons are his own. He could break up with you because you wear too much make up if he wanted to, it doesn't affect his character. This said, how the hell would he not have known she had this before? Did he recently have major reconstructive eye surgery? The only thing that makes sense is if it's a recent growth that didn't exist before and therefore they've been together some time, so it's odd that he let it get to him that much...or that he started the relationship aware of it and after some time trying to make you get rid of it, he's given up. That or he could have other motives and needed an out...

Trimming your nose hair is bad for your.

Couldn't agree more. It must be really long to scare him away. Haha.

It's only scary if it's long enough to braid.

thatKidzmOm 10

What's the picture of, Doc? I looked on your blog, but didn't find an explanation.

30: to me, his pic kind of looks like the top of a cracked skull

ThatKidzmom - I haven't had a chance to put that one up yet. I'll get to it. :) It's a patient of mine who was shot 2 weeks ago in the arm, head, and abdomen. That's her brain with a bullet in it. She's still alive.

texas_redneck88 10

It's a CT splice, my wife is a X-ray tech and that's what she said it was. Correct me if I'm wrong Doc

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Damn that's some crazy shit doc.. Is the bullet going to have long term effect if left in the brain? I know you usually don't remove them but what would be worse in this case? I'm guessing taking it out...( sorry I don't know very much about medical terms or surgery...)

Beater, if she survives, she's paralysed on her right side. She may have cognitive defecits also, but we don't know yet since she hasn't woken up at all.

thatKidzmOm 10

I'm sorry to hear that :-/ I was just curious. I love the blog :)

Blogs pretty ****** awsome if you ask me

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Damn that's horrible. I'll wait for the blog for the rest of the details.

Doc that may be the only comment (77) of yours that stays at zero likes.

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Doc just curious but does it violate doctor/patient confidentiality by posting pictures or stories about your patients or is that only if their identity is released? I like the stuff you post and think its really cool, but I was just wondering.

Llama_Face89 33

What part of her brain is it in?

Hayley - no. Everything stays anonymous, so confidentiality is never breached. I'm always very careful about that. Llama - it's pretty much right in the middle.

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Who nose if he's picky? It's snot any of our business.

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The jungle needs a little deforestation. Just sayin.


Yep. That there nose hair is why pirates sink the gombobulous fluid.

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Don't feel bad, OP. Everyone has nose hair. Don't shave them though! You need your nose hair to protect your nasal passages from dirt and all the bad stuff in the air! Embrace the nose hair! :)

It depends on how long the hair is. If its long enough to come out of her nose trim that shit because that is nasty

Yeah, nose hair has a function. But I think it will also function fine when it is not visible hanging from your nose, because that's really a moodbreaker.

ThisIsMyReign 4

No don't embrace the nose hair. OP needs a lawn mower, gasoline, a lighter and, a shotgun. After using all that he will come back to you.

agm77 9

How would a shotgun protect you from any length of nose hair?

ThisIsMyReign 4

To stunt it's growth by fear! :D

Alostfart 2

I seriously don't know what to say.

Here's an idea - SAY NOTHING. The only thing you accomplish by saying something as stupid as this (and then thumbing up your own comment) is exposing your stupidity.

Alostfart 2

The thought of me giving a shit about what you think of me is hilarious. I have bin a proud member of Mensa since I was 12 years old. Try mess with someone else cause I ain't taking shit from noone.

Oh Lawd, girl, you make me wanna smack a bitch.

I have BEEN* not bin. Unless you're a trash bin, in which case I do apologize.

A proud member of Mensa and you don't know how to spell? Shit they must really be lowering their standards. Get over yourself.

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If its the lenght of the hair on your head, then its too long.