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Today, I was called an assortment of names and was almost followed home by a crazy bitch. Why? Because I stated that it was unsanitary for her to bring her dog to a grocery store. She clearly disagreed. FML
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Unless she needed the dog for service (those dogs are extremely well-trained), I fail to see why she would need her dog at the grocery store.

kiran_fml 5

Isn't she not allowed to bring her dog in anyways?


I have nothing witty to say. Sorry.

Then don't post ;)

How could I not? It was my chance to be first and the FML was blank. I tried to edit but time ran out.

kiran_fml 5

Isn't she not allowed to bring her dog in anyways?

They removed my post already. Amazing.

I would think so. I guess next time alert a store employee and have that person handle the situation instead?

Dogs are not allowed in grocery stores unless they are a trained service dog or ESA. They are allowed in some malls that do pet photography, or have moochies and company but only to go directly to those stores.

GoingCommando93, it's because for FML for a loved your comment enough that they deleted it and stored it in a virtual vault to show future generations how stupid your comment was. In the name of intelligence. Considered yourself honored.

*The FML gods. Holy gods, your comment affected my intelligence. Fuck you, man.

WOWgirl85 3

In my state it is illegal to say anything beyond "is that a service dog" so she should have kept her mouth shut because she was being offensive. And how is having a dog walking around on the floor unsanitary when you walk on the same exact floor as your dog??

asoptavlo14 6

63- Dogs can shit on the floor and slobber all over things. That's pretty unsanitary, but I love dogs.

WOWgirl85 3

In my state it is illegal to say anything beyond "is that a service dog" so she should have kept her mouth shut because she was being offensive. And how is having a dog walking around on the floor unsanitary when a person's shoe is no cleaner than a dog's foot?? You step in the same places...

thiscrazything 1

I love dogs too, but agree that they slobber and wouldn't care to have them in a grocery store. And they don't have to be service dogs, people can order those dog vests online, and then take their dogs in any place they want. It is awful that people abuse the system that way.

Sinnamon 12

I would get the manager.

Allergies?? It gets stronger inside :)

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I took my guinea pig into Walmart once.. Only because he had a vet appointment right before though. They saw him and didn't say anything to me about it.. But then again, I wasn't grocery shopping I was in the electronics.

63- If you're in America I call bull sh!t. It is not illegal to say anything unless it is non stop (harassment) or threatening. I.e: " I'm going to blow your brains out." Problem? Check the Bill of Rights.

It was actually a seeing-eye dog. That's why she only Almost followed op home.

My grandpa brings his little dog everywhere he goes and I bring her with me as well. There shouldn't be a problem as long as its either in a dog carrier or you're holding it. It's a bit extreme to get mad, it's just a dog there are much bigger things to worry about in a grocery store. Think about all the rats they probably have and things other people can be carrying? Have you been to any Walmart? It's terrifying.

@124 Actually it pretty much is. If an employee asks about a pet being a service animal they are trying to clarify. If it isn't one then they can ask them to leave. If it is a service animal or emotional support animal then they are not permitted to make any other comments about where to keep the dog or if the dog is controlled or so on. That is considered discrimination against the disabled and a big lawsuit if the person even thinks you are insulting them.

Unless she needed the dog for service (those dogs are extremely well-trained), I fail to see why she would need her dog at the grocery store.

To help pick out the cereal duh

MetalxSoldier 26

Love is blind and so is the crazy lady. Thats why she had a service animal. And it wasn't just a "service" dog, it is her lover!

bnhereb4 2

Now you can bring almost any animal anywhere if it is a companion animal and you have a doctor certify that you need the animal with you. Companion animals do not have service animal training, they don't even have to be socialized. I think it cheapens the hard work and training put in by true service animals and their handlers. True service animals deserve recognition.

Thanks to celeb-tards (not going to name any, but they tend to be stupid spoiled ****** with video play sets) it has become "fashionable" to carry your rat dog around in your oversized purse. People who want to be just like idiots named after large cities in France, but who cant afford a toy breed rat dog, just walk around everywhere with any dog they can get. These people tend to be self centered, crazy, and prone to outbursts. NOT ALL DOG OWNERS fall into this category by the way, just a few. But the few are soooooo crazy they stand out very clearly.

I've had a woman try and claim a dog was a companion dog for her autistic son, alright I can somewhat see the validity of that. The fact that her dog had no collar, and therefore no leash to control it, was pretty much a no you can't come in. I also forgot to mention, the son was at home and not at the store. I'm with you completely OP, that bitch Is crazy, fml for you.

leprechaun23 15

Oh the irony if op was called a bitch

In other words, companion animals are for whiny freaks who are too ****** up to make friends with humans and need a certified animal with them as their fake friend so they won't be lonely picking out produce at the market or flipping through CDs at the music store. If you are so mental that you can't go somewhere by yourself, that's your problem, not all of society's. Reach between your legs, find your balls, and go out by yourself or check yourself into a psych ward. Really, what the **** is the matter with everyone? Everyone is a goddamn pussy with special needs.

136, I have a service/companion dog. After what's happened to me, I was terrified to leave my house alone. I've had panic attacks just going to the grocery store if someone would get to close. With my dog, and who has passed the Canine Good Citizen test and is on best behavior, I can leave my house without fear. I refuse to be confined to my house because some people have a fear of dogs or think they're dirty. They can go to hell.

@136 So it is okay for you to fear people, but people can go to Hell for fearing your dog? That is a little hypocritical, wouldn't you say?

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Mind your business next time

Oh, so there is a girl bring raped in an alley close to you and you should mind our own business? Yeah, your logic sucks.

^ yeah because they might kill you and the girl. Maybe call a cop tho.

sneakypeekaboo 8

You gotta pick and choose your battles..

If the presence of a dog causes unsanitary conditions, it is the business of EVERYONE that shops at that store.

#36 - rape and a dog in a grocery store are two completely different things. Your logic is flawed

#47 - because the lady was rubbing the dog over everything

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39 - Does that include those of us with extremely specialized military training? I'm actually unsure of the legal ramifications of not intervening. Aren't there good samaritan laws?

RandomNchic 1

Agreed ... Let's not forget dogs also can carry flees and ticks and I would not want that around my groceries ... There is no telling how she cared for her dog

sneakypeekaboo 8

Most animals are much more sanitary than we are. If animals are such disease carrying creatures.. Why would millions of people have them in their house? Near their food.. Sleep in their beds.. Pet owners never get more sick than the next person.

What about people that have lice and scabies? People that touch the produce that do not wash their hands. If you wash your food before you eat it then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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I agree with you completely, crazy bi*ch and unsanitary!!! fyl op be careful with her she might know where you live now....

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she's a psycho

Obviously she just said..

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This is why I remain antisocial. (actually its not)

Follow HER home! Show her who's boss.

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Let her and others get sick. Not your problem!

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you are part of "others" you dumb snooki.

What a basket case.