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  foxwasalamb  |  24

why must short hair immediately mean shes a man? its nothing but length. yes its more common to see women with short hair, but cant we move forward in our thinking?

  LuckBeNimble  |  19

SOME being the key word; just the same as some guys that can "pull off" long hair. it's really a matter of opinion in the end, I guess. however, sometimes people need to be honest with themselves and admit (as with clothes, certain colors/patterns, material) something doesn't look good on you. I don't look good in red, I can live with that; and barring OPs picture, maybe she does look bad with a pixie cut (though I highly doubt it's THAT bad).

  xReDMemory  |  28

Pretending that a woman must be a guy because she has short hair is definitely NOT strong preference. That's generalizing to both women,men and gay people as well as sexist and homophobic.

Sure,he has a right to like long hair on women but he is implying they can't have short hair or else they must be a guy.

  xReDMemory  |  28

Please excuse me,it's not homophobic or generalizing of gay people in this particular situation unless he was implying they must be gay if they have short hair and can't be gay otherwise.

  otecasacid  |  22

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  stargirl_95  |  24

That has got to be the biggest load of nonsense I've read today. What on earth does cutting your hair short and gaining a whole lot of weight then blaming it on genetics have to do with one another? OPs ex isn't obligated to date her but that doesn't make his reasons for dumping her any less shallow and it doesn't make him less of a douche. You sound like an asshole

  acerredrum  |  23

Nope, I have preferences. How ever if I suddenly drop someone like a rock over a haircut because I am afraid of what other people will think, I am an asshole. Preferences are fine. I prefer bigger men, does this mean that I won't date smaller men? No of course not, it just means that bigger men catch my eye first. I prefer black women, does this mean I won't date white women? No that would be ridiculous. So long as I like someone for who they are that is the important part. The more I like someone the more attractive they are to me.

The fact that OP's boyfriend dated her means he obviously liked her at least a bit, how ever any emotional connection they may or may not have had was overshadowed by a hair-cut. That is the text book definition of shallow.

By  sadbubbles  |  14

I know right now it's hard for you to see any good in this, but at least you aren't with somebody that cares so much about what others think! By him leaving, you're a step closer to finding that person that loves you for who you are on the inside and out! Keep your chin up, OP!