By Angrily Paranoid - 06/10/2013 05:29 - United States - Seattle

Today, my paranoia got so bad that I had to physically restrain myself from aggressively confronting the kid walking behind me on the sidewalk. FML
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I suggest therapy. You might do something you'll regret if you don't get help.

Weiss729 6

I don't say this to be mean but maybe you should get help? Life might turn around and be a whole lot better if you do


I suggest therapy. You might do something you'll regret if you don't get help.

Yeah, I can't even say something witty about this. You should actually get serious help.

I wonder how he "physically restrained" himself. "Girl, hold my earrings!" *grabs his ears*

jw90 18

Chained himself to a light post.

I agree. getting help is your best option. you may have to pay serious consequences in the near future if you don't.

Most conditions that cause paranoia are chronic. Even with proper treatment, which op could be getting, flare ups do happen. I'm lucky in that I recognize that its a mania in myself. Being in a 7 month long mania, my paranoia has hit some pretty weird moments myself. I have often found meditation to be a good way to calm down and get things into perspective so I can remind myself that it's the chemicals causing the issue and those are not really my thoughts or feelings. Gl op. If you are already on meds, it may be time to talk to your doc about a temp adjustment or a temp add on med until the flare up passes. I hope you feel better.

For everyone saying "get therapy" I'm glad you understand the value of it, but it isn't always accessible or affordable. That's one of the problems with mental health issues, actually getting to see someone isn't always just about walking in the door. Getting an appointment with a doctor for a diagnosis can take a long time, and then you have to worry about insurance. I've only been able to see a psychiatrist if I am also seeing a psychologist regularly, so that's two doctors, one for medication and one for the discussion and non medication ways to work with issues. That doesn't come cheap, either. There are many barriers to getting proper mental health care, especially in the USA.

Weiss729 6

I don't say this to be mean but maybe you should get help? Life might turn around and be a whole lot better if you do

It can be pretty hard to raise the courage to talk to someone... I don't reckon FML should be the first place they turn though

Weiss729 6

I agree, assuming that this was a true FML and not one some person created but we have to give the OP the benefit of the doubt and assume it was genuine

kristabelli 19

Great job holding yourself back though, OP. Awareness is a HUGE step forwards.

What were you paranoid about that he was going to do?

My wild guesses would be: 1. Fear of being jumped. 2. Fear of garbage being thrown at OP. 3. Fear of that bastard taking his shadow. 4. Fear of being followed to his home.

bizarre_ftw 21

Not that I don't love the joke above (peter pan ^_^) but you (being 3) don't really understand how paranoia works when it's a medical symptom do you?

I think a therapist or psychiatrist might do you some good.

Or a long holiday somewhere really peaceful to get your head together.

Sorry OP, but you should consider getting some help.

If therapy is too much for you Maybe consider getting a pet. I've seen pets help with paranoia, PTSD, and anger management.

perdix 29

#7, great idea! The OP should walk around with a pitbull, just not the kind that thinks "if you know what I mean" rhymes with "if you know what I mean." 305, Dale!

Haha I thought Perdix's comment was funny. You people have no sense of humor

It doesn't rime? Now my Danish grades start making sense.

#9 Get off the 'roids. Don't like assumptions thrown at you? GOOD.

I think he was just making a joke ladies...let's all just calm down.

bizarre_ftw 21

I'm 96% with you guys but 5% of me admits it's not a new joke to associate paranoia with pot, it's still incredibly insensitive however

Careful now #34, you might get too upset and cut yourself

Careful now #34; the joke might be too much, you might get too upset and end up cutting yourself..

raininginseattle 9

Dang. You didn't confront the government spy cleverly disguised as a kid when you had the chance? I hope you at least went home an put a blacker over your tv so that they can't watch you or keep your phone in a lead shielded box so they can't track you

and of course put the tin foil hat on so that the satellites can't read his mind.

You better tinfoil the whole house in case, too.

If you follow the suggestion of #7, remember foil hats for the pets. Turtles might be easier to deal with in regard to this than e.g. fish. Just a hint.

olpally 32

Let the hate flow through you op! Haha, jk, get help!

bizarre_ftw 21

I repeat this entire comment back to you and I find it fits quite nicely

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They're all out to get you, OP...