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  MrSark  |  0

Monaco (aka; Principality of Monaco) is a Microstate in the south west of europe that has borders with only France. So before correcting people check your facts.

  banana_buddy  |  6

Yah she deserves it for being a drama queen, I'm 99% certain that wasn't the whole reason for the break up even IF (and it is a big if) the acquisitions are true.

  knockoutmouse  |  8

While I agree that such a lack of personal hygiene is revolting, sometimes people's bathing habits deteriorate because of depression/lifestyle changes/laziness/other factors. For instance, this one guy I knew used to bathe regularly, but after he graduated high school, he pretty much didn't shower, brush his teeth, or even change clothes more than he absolutely had to.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

But then my question is, why does he not care about his appearance and/or overall well being? Was he depressed? I've known people to stop caring about themselves while depressed, so it is a viable excuse. But if laziness is the only reason he stopped brushing his teeth and changing his clothes etc...

  MissLizWolf  |  8

You must be pretty effing *serious hygiene* if you shower twice a day... I only shower once... a week. (; i kid, of course.

*___* changed "weird" to serious hygiene, to be nicer. (;

By  fthku  |  13

How is asking him to use deodorant make you high maintenance? If anything he should have said you are being demanding. Either way he's stupid and smelly.
Tell him to go learn the actual meanings of words before just randomly throwing them around.

By  JERZBornNRaised  |  7

so why is this an FML? be happy you got rid of the dirtbag, if he cant do a simple thing such as shower brush his teeth and use deoderant hes not worth it, you shouldnt ask him to do that, it should come naturually everyday... OP you should be glad your rid of him, im sure you can do better