By Anonymous - 15/02/2012 19:26 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me. He let me know by shaving "CYA" into my dog's fur and then moving out before I got home from work. FML
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What an asshole. Poor dog also.

b0ngs 7

Celtic Yodelling Academy.


What an asshole. Poor dog also.

He may be an asshole, but you got to give it to him; that was a pretty creative way to leave someone.

SecretMe00 5

Yes. A huge dick!

Creativity-A. Manliness- F

-1 Haha your pic fits this fml perfectly

This may make an ass out of me, but I assume he had revenge in his heart.

Well something has driven him to leave you in that manor. I'm going to guess it wasn't the dog..

Tweekz14 5

At least he was thoughtful..

That's unfortunate! Let's hope he cleaned up the hair?

How the fuck does he clean up the hair if he left it there for her to see. Use common sense.

Sorry BadBrock my mistake, I apologize for my rudeness. I misunderstood your comment..... What a dumb ass am I.

lol np, give me a thumbs up?

joshdairyman 6

howdy you get a dog to let you do that??

Chloroform....and a really steady hand.

Drugs of course! Doggie downers FTW

At least now you dont have to get his hair cut

HairyPunisher 27

*sigh* 14 year olds... I could NEVER teach 8th or 9th grade. Their sense of humor would absolutely make me want to kill myself.

At least he put in the effort instead of using facebook

True dat. It's also quite novel. But still he's a coward.

Vball6 19

Put effort into it? Shaving cya on the dog's fur is a dick move.

Have you tried to shave a dog ever? They jostle and whine an jerk an bite an poo an pee on you it's a mess, the fact he was able to make words on the dog means he got talent in the dog grooming business

Not very mature! Sounds like you could do way better.

Getting dumped like that feels almost as bad as 'Cutting Your Anus'.

hahachun 4

Red rocket. Red rocket. Giggity.

What the hell is CYA???

cradle6 13

#8- Like "See you later"

b0ngs 7

Celtic Yodelling Academy.

TheDrifter 23

CYA = cover your ass. It's an oblique apology to the op for the case of anal ghonorreah she's about to find out he gave her.

Canadian yak association. Dub

"Covetous young assholes"?

Cannibals Yearning Adolescents

'Call your aunt"? Maybe her boyfriend was just reminding her.

CYA = Crash Your Automobile. Unfortunately, he's trying to convince OP to commit suicide by DRIVING LIKE A MANIAC!!

PenisJam 2

CYA= caught your ass

Clean Your Ass.

'Continue Yapping Away', the joke is dead.

Caliborn_06 11

Your stupid

GreenAppleDP 0

86, your stupid. .. Wasn't very nice now, was it?

iamabamf 17

YOU'RE both stupid. Stupid enough to use the wrong form of you're, anyway.

Contain Your Amusement

Please, please. Contain your fail, it's spilling into the other food of the plate.

Canine Yielding Atomicbomb It may LOOK like a breakup but it was actually a warning.

Fuckin grammar nazi's. FUCK OFF

It's actually "Nazis", not "Nazi's".

fylx100 19

And youR profile picture is a bunch of misspelled words..

That was just rude. I hope he didn't take any of your things with him!

I broke up with my girlfriend by shaving "I don't think we should continue dating, I mean I just really time and space apart for a while. I just can't do this forever, I'm sorry." into her cat...

StopDropNRoll 11

Idk I think cya would have the same effect as that fancy good bye. And it's faster to shave in and that will give you more time to pack or run or whatever your doing. Just a thought for next time =P

SaMmIMonster96 6

Must have been a big cat!

gage27 5

I call bullshit

RedPillSucks 31

which now looks like a naked mole rat

Jakesterk96 8

12- I think you forgot to add "think we should have" after "really".

Hello StopDropNRoll. Today, we will be learning what kidding/jokes are. Lesson one: Sarcasm.

reddudeover 2

59 - Ironic since you didn't get theirs.

StopDropNRoll 11

That we the whole point of the face with the tongue sticking out. But w/e you try you fail it happens.

37 he couldn't write all that on the cat gosh! He had to remove a word!

Or...he shaved it into his ex-girlfriend's liger. How she got a liger is, however, a complete mystery. Shaving a liger is equally impressive. |the kid|

There is nothing with him being civilized. It's much more polite than "cya".

Nekro_kat 1

It's called sarcasm dumbass