By Foxy0706 - 10/11/2015 19:27 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, I finally told my boyfriend I have a medical condition that makes me grow an unusual amount of hair on my face, so I shave every day. He said he was leaving me because he refuses to be with a "bearded lady". FML
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mermaidkeels 26

He is just intimidated at the fact that you are more of a man than he is.

You're better off without him OP! Nobody should be judged for something they can't control, I'm sure you're still beautiful inside and out!


He is not man enough to be with a hairy girl!! You are better off him!!

Not man enough? This doesn't have anything to do with manliness. He is just an asshole.

nah, I don't consider you a "real man" if you judge based off stupid Shit like that. grow up, he's clearly still a boy. mentally especially.

Dolanium 13


BamBAmGG 14

#1 OP isn't in fact hairy because as she stated she shaves everyday. Your logic sounds as stupid as the dumbass that left OP. And OP, if you're ever looking into permanent hair removal, lasering works wonders!! (:

screw em.

You're better off without him OP! Nobody should be judged for something they can't control, I'm sure you're still beautiful inside and out!

So he can't have a preference on what he is attracted to? He was an asshole about it but did nothing morally wrong.

#29 you said he was an asshole about it, but he did nothing morally wrong... That's pretty contradicting. you should look up what morally means.

33, You're absolutely correct. If you don't want to be with someone end it respectfully and be matured about it. Clearly this one individual has no sense of the above mentioned.

TheEpicKitten 20

You have no idea if OP is beautiful. She could be extremely ugly

I didn't mean beautiful as in appearance. I count beauty with the person as a whole.

How is this very different from men choosing not to grow beards? She shaves it, so she doesn't have a beard normally. It's not like she decided to grow it or anything.

You said inside an out, so yes, you meant physical beauty as well.

nitrog100 21

I disagree. Everybody chooses romantic partners based on things that the other person can't control, whether it be personality or physical appearance. If you're not attracted to someone as they are, you're not attracted to that person. How is OP's covering up her hirsutism any different from a woman who slathers on makeup to hide her true features?

mermaidkeels 26

He is just intimidated at the fact that you are more of a man than he is.

I must be the only one offended by this. Just because she has facial hair doesn't mean she's ''more manly" I know you probably didn't mean it that way but I suffer from pcos (I'm lucky I didn't get the hair problem) and it kinda hurts still to be told you're more manly than a male because of facial hair. I mean I wouldn't want to be told that. Just saying. Again I know you probably didn't mean it like that

#43 Shut up he was making a joke obviously.

MzZombicidal 36

#48, it may have been a joke but that doesn't mean that #43 can't be offended by it. Especially when they suffer the exact same problem as OP who the comment from #4 is for.

KBear3109 29

#43 You're not the only one offended by it. It's incredibly offensive. I suffer from some hormone issues as well and have a few stray hairs on my chin every now and then. It's not a huge deal but is still something I'm embarrassed about because people are so judgmental.

Ugh.... I'm personally not too offended by joke, but I tend to get some facial hair. I worked with a lady who always had her facial hair also (very noticeable no matter) but she didn't seem bothered by it. What happened to me with mine was that it was very subtle, but a man literally came up to me and said, "you're a beautiful young woman, but you need to shave", then he rubbed his chin, nodded then walked away again. I've been very uncomfortable with that since I could barely see it, but a random person saw it better. I hate it when others are so judgemental.

Don't worry op, if he can't stay with you because of a medical condition and you just can't help it then he does not deserve you.

KingJiggleMuffin 15

Screw that douchebag, you deserve better

Beards are sexy

Your picture made your comment when better.

It's hurtful that he's not an understanding person, but we all have something we cannot control in our lives or are insecure about. Stay strong & shave on proudly.

Iswear 4

I see a blank space. Is that really your comment, or is my phone fucking up? If it indeed is just a blank space, how did it get posted?

Wow what an ass

Oh thanks I have been working out recently