By anonymous - / Monday 25 October 2010 21:02 / United States
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  DncrHap  |  9

how the hell did you think that was a good idea? i would never suggest to my boyfriend that he imagine i were someone else during sex. i mean, i'm one of those girls who thinks sex is very intimate and important in a relationship, so i'd flip a shit if he told me he was imagining anyone but me. and i don't think he'd be too pleased if i imagined someone other than him.

this was a recipe for disaster. ydi.


#3 thou hath no brains? You live in a double-standard world, hypocrite. Why is imagining an idol any "better" than imagining someone closer to home? What the hell is wrong, with all these dumbasses nowadays living in hypocrisy..

  jrgr  |  6

it's still not good to imagine anyone else other than your bf/gf when you're having sex, but him imagining her best friend is a little worse because now she's gonna feel uncomfortable when she's with her man and best friend at the same time for obvious reasons. Plus, it's unlikely that she will ever even meet Tom cruise lol.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

Well duh. I meant that more in the fact that he's more prone to cheat, so she should be careful. He may already be doing something without her knowing.


Maybe, but hopefully her best friend has enough respect for her/and herself to stay away from him. It's sad how many people cheat and how many back stabbing "friends" are out there.

  my2centsworth  |  15

I was unaware that humans consumed spelt. I was also unaware that it could be used as a
past participle for the word spell. That means I was uninformed; it does not mean I am ignorant. if I refused to learn, or was incapable of learning, I could reasonably be called ignorant. i will admit to a degree of arrogance. it is not, however, overweening and can be forgiven as most people possess a certain amount of that trait. As to the availability of information about different spellings and usages, I don't spend an excessive amount of time glued to my computer (although I do enjoy this site, obviously). I actually did look up "spelt" in the online dictionary and found only the usage I cited. I have since found the other usage.

  my2centsworth  |  15

I apologize for the lack of capitalization. I was not wearing my glasses and could not tell that the "I"'s were not capitalized. It was not due to a lack of concern.
On another note, I have missed your long-necked friend's input. Will he grace us with his presence soon?

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