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Today, I woke up in my boyfriend's dorm and decided to take a shower before he woke up. I used the girls bathroom on the above floor, and afterwards just threw on a towel and ran to the elevator. I forgot to press my boyfriend's floor and I was taken to the lobby in a towel. People were waiting. FML
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YDI for not taking the stairs. ...and I'm even a Conservative.


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omg that sucks ahaha. I'd be embarasses. omg I'm first finally. epicness!

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omg in my race to claim first I spelled embarasses wrong hehe. isn't that embarassing fml lol

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YDI for having terrible grammar.

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^follow the arrow above me he's a **** tard

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dude. fail. no one watches that show anymore.

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It's a dorm. Naked girls in the lobby are usual business. I guess the people there weren't exactly surprised or anything...

I'm calling fake till someone gives me a legitimate argument. First are you ******* retarded to not press a floor? Second if you are really on a college campus when you enter in you need a key to enter into the elevator to make it even work and press the floor that you wanted to go to. Maybe it is different in other places, but that is what I am used to. Seriously though back to my first point how the hell can you get in an elevator and NOT press the floor. You are an idiot. YDI!

I've never lived in a college dorm, but some schools might have less security than others. But as for not pressing the floor, there could have been someone else in the elevator who did press a button and she distractedly/groggily assumed that person was going to the same floor. I'm all for calling fake on FMLs that really need it, but if you're calling fake based on the stupidity of the OP, you are seriously underestimating the amount of stupidity in the world.

My school only required a key to call the elevator from the Lobby. Once you were on a residential level, it was just a button. Regardless, this is embarrassing, but in college, not really a huge deal.

one dorm I lived in required a key for access to anything. Another I lived in only required a key to get in the building after midnight on weekdays... you could come and go as you pleased on any floor. I think the real issue here is the OP being a lazy **** for taking the elevator DOWN ONE FLOOR instead of the stairs.

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None of the dorms on the campus where I did my undergrad at required anything to get on the elevator, or even in the building during the day. I doubt anyone would have been very surprised to see someone in a towel walking around in a dorm with community bathrooms, at my old school anyway. I'm sure it was embarrassing for you OP,and that is part of the reason why I always lived in dorms with suites instead of community bathrooms- no walking down the hallway to get to the bathroom :)

hi im the OP. here's my legitimate argument. First off, yes im an idiot for not pressing the button this is something i notoriously do in my own dorm i get in the elevator and then it closes and i sit there for a few seconds woindering why im not moving til i realize i didnt hit a button. but in this case i didnt even sit there for like a second cuz i hadnt hit anything and someone on the first floor must have hit the button so i was moving once the doors had closed. It wasnt till I passed the floor that I needed to get off at that I realized what was going on. Second, a key to get in the elevator? I believe that it occurs it some schools but no that absolutely does not make the story fake. In his dorm you need a key to get into the building and the cafeteria thats it. But even if he did have a dorm where I needed to use a key in the elevator, couldn't I have just taken his key with me and not included that in the post? why would i include that? Third, for all saying I should have taken the stairs, I agree but I don't know where they were and in Boston I figd theyd be very cold and I didn't know how stairs in a towel would work. ...but basically ^^ the above kid is miserably lifeless for feeling strongly enough to leave such an angry yet pointless comment.

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YDI for not taking the stairs. ...and I'm even a Conservative.

I was going to say the exact same thing! one floor, come on! I hated it in college when people would take the elevator for less than 3 floors.

maybe they were tired? after a long day of work or what ever one flight of stairs can seem like a mountain

I was thinking the same, but if she was only wearing only a towel maybe that wouldn't work so well. I mean I've never tried walking stairs in only a towel, but it could be problematic.

The stairs may have also been a long way from her destination and she wanted to avoid possible embarrassment. I would have brought my clothes to the shower with me, just to prevent something like this from happening.

hi, im the OP. I didn't even know where the stairs were. Plus I figured it would be freezing in the stairwell. The stairwell at my school is soooo cold.