By ConfusedGirl - 15/12/2015 13:03 - United States - Pittsford

Today, I came home early to surprise my boyfriend. I walked into our bedroom to find him in dressed completely in my clothes, and in makeup. It took me a moment to realize it was him and not a female intruder. FML
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Time for a frank conversation. Different strokes for different folks and all that.


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That added alot to the conversation.

Let it happen? I wouldn't want him to stetch my clothes.

Thank you for your contribution this comment thread would've been incomplete without your input

Time for a frank conversation. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Exactly. Men have absolutely NO aids to make them feel beautiful. Sometimes you just want to feel pretty.

Sometimes these FMLs lack information. But coming home to that does suck.

What more information do you need?, Did you want a detailed list of the actual items of clothes?

I think what he meant is that he wants a follow-up.

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^ there's also a downvote button for that. And this. There's buttons for a whole lot of things.

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and for everything else there's MasterCard

Wow I say you did not know what to do or think! You should hope it was a dare from his friends but FYL,OP embarrassing moment hope you say what happened next

there's your Christmas card idea right there lol

At least he wasn't cheating? Sorry OP, just talk to him about what's going through his mind and I hope it goes well!

Maybe a guy just left moments before she got home. Or a woman and they were playing to be lesbians.

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wait..wait.. let me try... maybe he was trying to arrange your closet and there weren't enough hangers. maybe he tripped and fell into your closet and got tangled up in the clothes just right, quantum mechanics says it's possible.

That means that he really rocks your clothes and make-up, then! Kudos to him. :)