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Cool story, tell it again

  Today, I celebrated my birthday. My mom invited a bunch of my relatives over, and they started telling funny stories of when I was a kid. My mom decided that then was an appropriate time to talk about how she caught me looking at porn the other night. FML
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  Tweety122888  |  0

this is a site where you post things that no one cares about. it's just so you can let it put of your chest. so it doesn't matter who cares. if u don't care then don't read the post idiot

  sourgirl101  |  28

51 @ 12 I was think October's horror movie fest. Nothing gets me to snuggle in bed like watching a good scary flick. Testing to see if once you have sex, you're next to die.(;

  MrSassypants  |  32

#11 you have to read it to not care about it and everyone is intitled to there opinion. except if you don't have pancake mix. then you have an opinion no one cares about.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

#47, there is nothing "natural" about porn. Everything about porn is fake, that's not real sex, real stories or real feelings. Sex is normal. Watching others have sex is creepy and although its widespread in the US, that does not make it normal. Its taboo even in the US therefore not normal.

OP YDI for watching when and where you could be caught. If you're going to watch porn, hide it better so it doesn't become dinner conversation as you are obviously ashamed if it. Either own it or hide it better is all I am saying.


Jessi: PLEASE learn to use the reply-to-comment feature. It isn't threadjacking to keep an entire conversation in one thread. It's actually easier that way-- the others replying to you don't have to chase you down, and anyone who doesn't want to read the conversation can easily skip the thread.

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