By wtf - 15/07/2009 05:04 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were chatting on MSN. He had to go run down to the corner market but left his webcam on. Shortly after he left I watched his mother steal 60 dollars out of his wallet. He doesn't believe me. FML
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so he went to the market without his wallet?

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hes an idiot if he didnt believe you, fHL


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hes an idiot if he didnt believe you, fHL

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hahaa yeah.. f your life? nah, he's the one who gets robbed from his mom + doesn't believe you about it. f his life. or his mom's, for getting caught?

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seriously that doesnt really suck that bad for you he's the one who just lost $60

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He wouldn't be an idiot... it could be a hard thing to believe, unless of course he actually checked his wallet and noticed that money was missing.

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yea, too bad for him, 60 dollars he just lost. lolz

So he went to the corner market without his wallet, he loses money, and YOU post it as an FML? Wtf?

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Haha 107. His mom stole his computer, too.

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why would he not take his wallet? he would need his I.D. or drivers license just for any safety purposes. and especially cash and he could just check his wallet. something isn't completely truthful in this story.

it's called a screenshot, might help you next time

i wonder how he paid for the food he brought at the corner store with out his wallet >.>

OH BOO HOOOOO!. you saw your boyfriend get robbed by his mum of a mere 60 dollars. he doesnt even care but it scarred you for life. now according to you your entire life is F***ed. seriously grow up

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i think this is do you know that she took exactly $60? i dont think you would be able to tell since you were on a webcam...

maybe she counted out the money while she was taking it out?

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156; 60 bucks is alot to some people you asshole.

so he went to the market without his wallet?

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He might have had some dollars in his pocket, but yeah, wouldn't he wonder when he notices $60 missing from his wallet? How exactly is this a FML for her anyways? lol

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I opened this thing only to ask why he went to the market without his wallet.

I thought the same thing... this is fishy

He might have taken a few bucks out and gone without it. I do that sometimes. @ OP, you should have taken pictures on your webcam; most of them can do that.

well its an fml for her because of the trust issues they clearly have

you should see if there's anyway that the webcam convo was saved and show it to him still FYL

see if the convo was saved and show him stil FYL

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The conversation can be saved (if it was text) , webcam images are not.

Unless 18 she didn't steal. If 18 and living at home it's rent.

There's a difference between "as an adult in this house, you're responsible for $X/mo rent" and "because you live here, I'll take what I want when I want to and call it rent." If your landlord did that, would you just roll over and suck it up? I call bullshit, you'd call the cops and find a lawyer.

Are you retarded? He didn't sign no formal agreement for him to be paying rent (assuming), so how would that be alright, fuckwad?

Im pretty sure its the parents' job to pay rent, not the kid's. Its still stealing.

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aww. but you didnt she see you ?

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But how do you know the took exsactly 60 bucks? Did she like hold it up to the camera or something?

i'm wondering that too. it's hard to tell these things on webcams