By wtf - United States
Today, my boyfriend and I were chatting on MSN. He had to go run down to the corner market but left his webcam on. Shortly after he left I watched his mother steal 60 dollars out of his wallet. He doesn't believe me. FML
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  kewlfox  |  0

He wouldn't be an idiot... it could be a hard thing to believe, unless of course he actually checked his wallet and noticed that money was missing.

  burtonboard97  |  0

why would he not take his wallet? he would need his I.D. or drivers license just for any safety purposes. and especially cash and he could just check his wallet. something isn't completely truthful in this story.

  Assassin4than  |  0

OH BOO HOOOOO!. you saw your boyfriend get robbed by his mum of a mere 60 dollars. he doesnt even care but it scarred you for life. now according to you your entire life is F***ed. seriously grow up

  waterynuggets  |  0

He might have had some dollars in his pocket, but yeah, wouldn't he wonder when he notices $60 missing from his wallet? How exactly is this a FML for her anyways? lol

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

There's a difference between "as an adult in this house, you're responsible for $X/mo rent" and "because you live here, I'll take what I want when I want to and call it rent."

If your landlord did that, would you just roll over and suck it up? I call bullshit, you'd call the cops and find a lawyer.