By Anonymous - 15/07/2009 04:20 - Canada

Today, I was in the gas station and I saw this creepy lady staring at me and smiling. She just didn't stop. I even gave an awkward wave to let her know that I saw her staring at me. Finally I decided to confront the woman, turns out the overly happy woman was a cardboard cut out FML
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You deserved it but why is there a cardboard cut out of a creepy woman at a gas station?

HAHA! Nice. My mom and several of my aunts have done this, I think it's just like a woman to do something like this. One time my aunt was at the mall and she kept waving at this women who looked familiar that she kept catching looking at her. So then she realized it was a mirror and that she kept watching and waving at herself. I personally thinks that's even worse than this FML.


It's that short lady in Couche Tard!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I almost fell for the same once

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I'm going to check that out right now.

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U must need glasses (u obviously cant see shit lol)

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haha to #2 :D to OP: don't be mean to old people respect you elders :)

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OP never said it was an old lady, just said she was creepy.

Hahaha. It's cool, I've been startled by cardboard cutouts in stores before thinking there was someone behind me, or about it run into me.

my computer doesn't even show a #1 right now..#2 is at the top

Yea, I know how you feel. We have a edward cullen cutout (I think for a horror in our movie making class) and everytime I get up he's in the corner and scares the crap out of me. Every time.

Did the shiny gloss or the fact that she wasn't moving at all( even to breath) not tip you off??

Haha this made my day Btw Fail!!! How did you not know it was cardboard though?

I've seen these same ladies in corner stores everywhere around here, I mistook her quite a few times for a real person, I even excused myself when I bumped into it once, it startled me about 10 times... Stupid freaking cardboard bitch lol

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I was in a bookstore once and saw this guy who looked JUST like Robert Pattinson. And I thought to myself "Wow, that guy looks just like him. Too cool. Even if it's not him, I can't resist going up to say hi." He didn't say hi back. I think it had something to do with the fact that he was cardboard and had the word Twilight under him.

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Hahaha, so may times I've been spooked by the mannequins in clothes shops... I feel you :D

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You deserved it but why is there a cardboard cut out of a creepy woman at a gas station?