By Gretchen / Friday 25 February 2011 01:56 /
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  redbluegreen  |  40

I think that even some of the best brought up children do things like this sometimes. The young child probably saw it on TV as a joke and decided to try it out. Even the most careful parents can't catch everything their kid is doing, especially when they're multitasking.

  MuchDance90s  |  0

yes, that's right, keep your eye on the child while signing a paper... which likely only took 20 seconds... very obvious who the childless people are in these threads

  11colio11  |  4

you will never have complete control over a child. It kinda pisses me off when people just assume bad parenting when a 2 year old does something stupid. Especially when the parent has to focus on something important for 10 seconds

  brittanyg93  |  0

wow, it's called the terrible two's for a reason. most likely he wasn't even aware that the parent would fall. obviously anyone who says the kid is bad knows nothing about children and needs to shut the fuck up.

  iEmily  |  0

Maybe the OP is married and the kid was planned, not just the result of failed contraception? Not all kids are born because of people not using condoms or contraception, or contraception failing.

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