By weneedthatmoneytoliveon - 26/06/2013 14:08 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I overheard my mother Skyping with her new "boyfriend" about the $1,000 she just sent him. She barely knew what internet dating was three weeks ago. FML
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To unite all peoples within our nation!

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To denounce the evils of truth and love!

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To extend our reach to the stars above!

To extend our reach to the stars above.

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Team rocket goes blasting off at the speed of light!

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Good job guys. Poke-crew out. Except for you digi-boy

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I was wondering what song everyone was singing!

51 - Fairly sure that was the joke, yeah.

77 - I'm well aware of that. The joke you and everyone else apparently missed was that "Digimon" is so obviously wrong, he couldn't be seriously suggesting the Team Rocket theme song came from Digimon.

Even the people who said "Jesse" and "James" got the gender correct. Now that's detail! Best comments I've ever seen here, lmao

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The whole conversation made my day. But them there's digimon-boy over here who had to go and ruin it before you got to finish. It's like I died a little inside when I read his comment.

You're all morons downvoting the digimon comment. It's obviously a joke

ughhh..i hope you're joking...otherwise you had a very shit childhood with no Pokémon!

Not really, OP's mother is a gullible fool

Whatever do you mean #18? Are you saying there is no Nigerian prince waiting for her?

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No Nigerian prince, #31, but I'll send you a check for $1000, as long as you send me $500 back.

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WOW she ment the boyfriend is a mooch

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Sounds like she got... Catfished! No one..? Oh okay..

Sorry your mom isn't that smart when it comes to people...and the internet.

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And team rocket should blast off again now

Were you the one who introduced her to Internet dating?

And fast! I remember seeing a documentary about people who were scammed like this. A woman was "dating" a guy for almost a year, and by the end of it, had sent him well over $100,000. I'm hoping for your sake that your mom wises up before it gets that far.

Do people really not understand how sextortion relates?

"You mean...some people go on the Internet just to lie?!"

We young fine-looking men have to make a living somehow.

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$20 says its going to the Cayman Islands or some place in Africa.

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The FML didn't indicate that she got some email about a "poor child" who is in need of clothing and food etc... This is just a dude who knows how to manipulate women on the internet.

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That's what scam artists do also(scam artists are usually from foreign countries most commonly Africa) Her mom is a moron, I never said anything about a kid in Africa either.

#43 what have you been smoking? Most scam artists are from Africa? Retarded much?

Actually most of the time they do try to get you to send money to Africa. It's the most common country right now through the Internet dating sites. This happened to my aunt. She talked to this guy she met through every day for months: online, through emails, and on her cellphone. Then one day he started asking her to make large purchases and send the items to him saying he would pay her back. Luckily she was smart enough to end it when that happened and didn't send him anything.

Thanks dude. I'm from Africa. We ain't that bad you know!

#10 was obviously joking but correct. That's what some scammer do. They'll ask you to send over monies to an uncommon place/country and for your troubles-- they promise to repay double, triple etc. . . sometime in the near future only to be M.I.A. later. Some never report it because they feel foolish for falling for the trap. Dateline NBC much? Many target lonely overly-trusting women.

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Wow, people need to watch dateline NBC more.. Thanks for calling me retarded, bitch.

Also no one is insulting ex:Africa (any country). The money gets laundered and more difficult to trace. The scammers don't necessary live/are from there. Hasn't anyone heard that joke that-- you're going to hide your money in a Swiss bank account to avoid taxes?

Internet dating isn't the problem, it's the scammers who manipulate women and men into sending them money, I would NEVER send money to someone online!

I would have upvoted #73 as a good example of this kind of scam, if they hadn't referred to Africa as a country.

91- it's scary how many people think that it is. Clearly they didn't pay attention in geography class.

True. My mistake, Africa is a continent not a country. Still the point I was trying to make is, if someone is trying to get you to send money to an African country and its someone you met online that you don't know well, it's probably a scam.

The Internet can be a dangerous place to the untrained surfer.