By distressed - 05/11/2010 23:36 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend started his first day of work. After saying our goodbyes, I went into our bedroom to get changed, picked up one of my blouses and found a camera, still recording. I guess someone has major trust issues. FML
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Lizza330 28

I don't think people are allowed to do that.

Qluz 3

i was expecting something kinky, like a sex type :( but yeah. lovely boyfriend


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Arsonnist 3



....... :P

babyale760 0

....... :D)))))

how many chins can a person have?!!?!?!? |the kid|

WolfsGuns 0

lol 33

first comment!

Mclovin_95 0

umm no ur not..lmao

:o now he is!

oops she. was looking at Taylor lautner aha

How was my comment irrelevant? Ugh

I'm so confused by the above comments... Op- Maybe he recorded you 2 having sex last night instead?

Sydknee 8

maybe he wanted to see you changing(;

jaderrrx3 0

It's his secret ****.

it's ok. he has his reasons

iR0ckSkinnys 3

yea I would defiantly confront him about that,maybe he want to see you nude,like when ur changing clothes,or he could be just curios about what u do while he is gone,yea he might be thinking you are cheating in him:/

i wouldnt start to worry unless you found a blood covered hockey mask. which reminds me of a serial killer dubbed the girlfriend killer, he would go out with his victims lulling them into a false sense of security and then BAM! next thing they know there tied up and tortued whilst being recorded....OP they never caught the guy....

yzBabe 0

yeah I sort of think he might of just wanted to peek at her while she changes and stuff... but maybe not!

Qluz 3

i was expecting something kinky, like a sex type :( but yeah. lovely boyfriend

Just gonna scoot on here to say this, I think you meant "sex tape", and FYL OP.

Lizza330 28

I don't think people are allowed to do that.

If it's his house, I don't see how he wouldn't be able to do that.

honeybee366 0

it's illegal in some places to film others without thier permission.

Hmm, I don't know whether it's allowed or not, all I know is that filming your beloved one in the bedroom without her knowing is disrespectful and mean. Even if it was his house (FML said 'OUR bed', so I doubt it), he just can't secretely tape her. If it ever comes to a break-up, imagine what he can do with those (hot) tapes. Put them on the internet, maybe? Sent them to all the people she know? It is dangerous if your partner has a secret stash of homemade **** with you as the pornstar, without you knowing. Shows a lack of respect. Decent people ask permission for filming, especially for sex. But I doubt OP's boyfriend wanted some selfmade **** (if so, he's a bastard); my guess is that he really has major trust issues. This won't end well if he keeps behaving like that.

wow. I would never put that much energy into a comment like that.

spade1997 0

58 is right

Mclovin_95 0

oh haha i think he was probably recording wat u guys were doing last night..lmao xD

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Maybe if you didn't suck that guy's dick, your boyfriend wouldn't have to videotape you.

Maybe he just wanted to tape that quickie you two just had to celebrate his first day.

kassiemarie 0


get rid of him

Get out while you can op.

fritz2 0

man women thing.

xGet_Over_It 0

You really need to do something about those eyebrows. It bugs me everytime I see your pic. Sue me.

GetOverIt, do the world a favor, and do what your username says. You really think the opinion of one anonymous asshole is going to make her change her appearance?

fritz2 0

Maybe, considering how ugly she is now some advice could help.., hell, she looks like man-women deformed thing.

graciedacie 0

Wow, she does not!! Walking around this earth, hurting other people, is really not good Karma. I'd do a little self reflecting and strive to be a better human being if I were you. #14, you're a cutie, so just don't listen to any jerks that try to put you down for no reason.

fritz2 0

why tell the girl lies...... she's just gonna get picked on because she thinks she's good looking but really looks like a retarded sloth mixed with a hairy man.

xGet_Over_It 0

DocBastard, you really think the opinion of some anonymous bastard is going to make me change my opinion? Is it such a crime to state an opinion? Do what I said the first time and sue me, ******* sue me.