By distressed - Australia
Today, my boyfriend started his first day of work. After saying our goodbyes, I went into our bedroom to get changed, picked up one of my blouses and found a camera, still recording. I guess someone has major trust issues. FML
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  iR0ckSkinnys  |  3

yea I would defiantly confront him about that,maybe he want to see you nude,like when ur changing clothes,or he could be just curios about what u do while he is gone,yea he might be thinking you are cheating in him:/


i wouldnt start to worry unless you found a blood covered hockey mask. which reminds me of a serial killer dubbed the girlfriend killer, he would go out with his victims lulling them into a false sense of security and then BAM! next thing they know there tied up and tortued whilst being recorded....OP they never caught the guy....

  DjeePee  |  24

Hmm, I don't know whether it's allowed or not, all I know is that filming your beloved one in the bedroom without her knowing is disrespectful and mean. Even if it was his house (FML said 'OUR bed', so I doubt it), he just can't secretely tape her. If it ever comes to a break-up, imagine what he can do with those (hot) tapes. Put them on the internet, maybe? Sent them to all the people she know? It is dangerous if your partner has a secret stash of homemade porn with you as the pornstar, without you knowing. Shows a lack of respect. Decent people ask permission for filming, especially for sex. But I doubt OP's boyfriend wanted some selfmade porn (if so, he's a bastard); my guess is that he really has major trust issues.

This won't end well if he keeps behaving like that.

  DocBastard  |  38

GetOverIt, do the world a favor, and do what your username says. You really think the opinion of one anonymous asshole is going to make her change her appearance?

  graciedacie  |  0

Wow, she does not!! Walking around this earth, hurting other people, is really not good Karma. I'd do a little self reflecting and strive to be a better human being if I were you.
#14, you're a cutie, so just don't listen to any jerks that try to put you down for no reason.

  fritz2  |  0

why tell the girl lies...... she's just gonna get picked on because she thinks she's good looking but really looks like a retarded sloth mixed with a hairy man.

  xGet_Over_It  |  0

DocBastard, you really think the opinion of some anonymous bastard is going to make me change my opinion? Is it such a crime to state an opinion? Do what I said the first time and sue me, fucking sue me.