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By  DippinGrizzly907  |  27

First to gladly say YDI. Why? Because you saw her Slowly reach for your wallet and snag a 100$ bill and didn't do/say anything?!? Wtf?? Totally deserve it... Crying about girlfriend problems or not...

  leogachi  |  15

@2 I agree with you. If my mom picked up my purse I'd ask her what she was doing even if I didn't think she was going to open it. If Op didn't want his mom to take his money, he should have said something.

  littlekellilee  |  45

I imagine his thought process was "oh she must just be playing with my wallet while listening. She's probably wondering why I have that much cash. Why is she putting it in her pocket? Silly Mom, joking away. Wait, where is she going?"

  curiouslilbird  |  19

#2 The way this FML is written is a little vague on the details, so we don't know the whole story. This could have happened while he had his back turned to her for a few moments, maybe assuming she was still listening until he realized she had left and that his wallet was open, etc. But I really don't think OP would have just stood there open mouthed and unmoving while she took the money...

  leogachi  |  15

@31 If he wasn't looking, how could he have known that she moved slowly?

  mxgirl1998  |  26

He could have thought she was joking or just looking. Plus it may not have been as slow as we think. Also op was probably emotional due to issues-but I could be wrong.

  SmittyJA24  |  26

That's a very fair rate for therapy. I'm a neurology / psych tech myself; all the counselors & therapists I know get $90
-- $125 per hour.
BUT... I doubt the OP's mom is a certified / licensed therapist.

By  gordjess1  |  19

Why didn't you stop her?! You must be a lot richer than me to let her get away with that much money. I wouldn't let anyone even touch it if it was mine lol