By FranchezDeVista - 30/08/2015 18:29 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I was talking to my mom about my issues with my girlfriend. While she was sympathizing, she slowly picked up my wallet, took $100 and left. FML
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Looks like you got bigger issues with your mom.


Looks like you got bigger issues with your mom.

First to gladly say YDI. Why? Because you saw her Slowly reach for your wallet and snag a 100$ bill and didn't do/say anything?!? Wtf?? Totally deserve it... Crying about girlfriend problems or not...

Maybe OP was shell shocked at the time and confronted her later? No one wants to believe their loved ones can behave like a low life *****!

leogachi 15

@2 I agree with you. If my mom picked up my purse I'd ask her what she was doing even if I didn't think she was going to open it. If Op didn't want his mom to take his money, he should have said something.

I imagine his thought process was "oh she must just be playing with my wallet while listening. She's probably wondering why I have that much cash. Why is she putting it in her pocket? Silly Mom, joking away. Wait, where is she going?"

curiouslilbird 19

#2 The way this FML is written is a little vague on the details, so we don't know the whole story. This could have happened while he had his back turned to her for a few moments, maybe assuming she was still listening until he realized she had left and that his wallet was open, etc. But I really don't think OP would have just stood there open mouthed and unmoving while she took the money...

incoherentrmblr 21

That $100 could've went towards seeing a psychologist, or bills...

leogachi 15

@31 If he wasn't looking, how could he have known that she moved slowly?

He could have thought she was joking or just looking. Plus it may not have been as slow as we think. Also op was probably emotional due to issues-but I could be wrong.

Wauw.. Thats a very Unique respond xD are you sure this is About your gf?

Guys.. I think it's trying to communicate with us.

You have a list of things to talk about with your mom, dude. This is the tip of the iceberg.

That sucks OP.. Hope you can work things out with your girlfriend, and your mother..

AnOriginalName 19

Nah, it was only a hundred bucks.

SmittyJA24 26

That's a very fair rate for therapy. I'm a neurology / psych tech myself; all the counselors & therapists I know get $90 -- $125 per hour. BUT... I doubt the OP's mom is a certified / licensed therapist.

Why didn't you stop her?! You must be a lot richer than me to let her get away with that much money. I wouldn't let anyone even touch it if it was mine lol

'The Mom giveth, and the Mom taketh away...'