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Today, it's my birthday. My best friend decided to have a birthday party for me at this new bar. She texted the wrong address to all of my friends. They showed up at a computer store. FML
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Have another party?

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Hapy Birthday :)


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I am first and I don't care

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wow that sucks. so much for a happy birtday?

hey it's my friend Jake x)

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woah! where?

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Why do people always complain about their bithdays? Maybe all the bithday complainer should get together and have one big boo-hoo party.

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Ok so...this isn't even an FML. Oh no, they went to the wrong place. Too bad you didn't think to double-check the address. You're taking this way too seriously; it's not like no one showed up because they hate you, they just didn't show up at the right place. Reschedule and quit bitching.

just have another party and stop moaning. At least your friends had the decency to show up.

let's all sing happy birthday to cheer the OP up! happy birthday to ~ *notices I'm the only one singing, quietly shifts away* :)

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OK so they were at the computer store. Unless it was an Apple store and they were brainwashed into staying the whole night then I dont think it's that big of a deal. I'm pretty sure they didnt go to the store and then just go home. They wouldve been like "OK it's at the bar, see you soon" end of story. I dont see the FML

Then maybe you should have had your party at the computer store!!! LAN party! jk...

What's joke #48, LAN parties are the bees.

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wow well that was a great excuse for not making it to your party.. **at the computer store, oops wrong place. well to bad we can't go to that party anymore sorry friend.**

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maybe she wanted to be alone with

Idea-Great Execution-Extremely Poor

This isn't really an FML it's more of an oh that kinda sucks but everyone will forget about it in a week.

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wow.... can't you just text them the right address then?

Agree with spiderman. No one called/texted when they realized they wete at the wrong place? This seems like a minor inconvenience for your mates unless the bar and the store were so far apart they just said "to hell with it" and went off without you.

how is this an FML? Sure, u didnt get a party tht day, its not tht big a deal! it really should be an FML for ur friends, who probably went to some trouble to get to ur party that ur "friend" tried to throw. its more like an FML for ur friend who messed up the adress, s/he probably feels awful ;)

Have another party?

wow this is lame that's why there are cell phones!!! ever hear of one???

Um, you know, since the friend "TEXTED" the wrong address, I'm assuming they are quite aware of cell phones. -_-

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hahahahaha nice you just kicked number 6's ass.

Text the right adress to everyone it takes 30 seconds. And probably 10 minutes for them to get to this bar.

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um and they were to retarded to take cabs or drive them selfs or walk to the proper location? everyone has a cell now adays so why didn't they phone to get the correct address. and if they were in a cab all they have to do is tell the driver the name of the bar they don't need an address for businesses.

not many cabs in kentucky. think before you judge.

Doesn't matter -- they still could have called back. I would have, in that situation. What's the alternative? Oh, several of us ended up at Best Buy; let's just go home. Text your friend back or call the bar (get the number from 411).

YDI for having shitty friends

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I don't think that OP's friends are shitty. they had the best of intentions, and it's the thought that counts, right? everbody makes mistakes. tough break, though, OP :/

ahhhh haaaaa lol!!

#8 just my point this FML is lame, someone could've easily txt and everyone would have been there!

this site sucks now, i havent laughed at one of these in months

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@Realsiq If this site sucks so much then why do you keep reading them? get over it douche!

*Agrees with Fernando* Oh that name amuses me, because it makes me think of that song. You know the one. :D

Maybe your just depressed and things just aren't as funny anymore LOL

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Actually, I half-agree with 14. FML used to be so much better. I was moderating a few before and most of them were just... Sad. That's all I could say.

#28, I've been on this site for close to a year. It's always been that way. There are more users, so there are more shit stories to wade through. But it's still about the same ratio.

#28, I've been on this site for almost a year. It's always been that way. Of course, there are more users now, so there are more shit stories to wade through. But the ratio is still the same.

GodBarack 5

Gees... I must've gotten the bad half then.

Haha. I would estimate that 1 of every 20 FMLs submitted are even ok, and only about 1 out of 150 are worth making it onto the site.

they are sad!! the unmoderated ones I mean!! there was one that almost had me crying, man I hope that shit was made up and not someone trying to vent safely, because they reallly needed help. :/

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I completely agree. Not meaning to offend, but some if these people really do need some help.

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I know how you mean very few are good enough to make it through, but you have to admit quite a lot of the ones successfully posted are ridiculously lame: I've seen a lot of hilarious ones through modding (could never pass doing that for more than 3 minutes at a time, though), voting yes, never to see it make it to the site.

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Haha lols @ intoxi's comment about Fernando... I LOVE that song!!! :)

I would have thought that it was funny if I were u

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why didn't you text the RIGHT address soon after?

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it's the thought that counts... right? Bet she felt worse than you O

This FML is hilarious!

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