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Today, my grown up, unemployed boyfriend stole 70 dollars from my wallet and tried to hide it in two different places in case he needed to ditch me and go out by himself. He got angry when I confronted him and stormed out. He feels perfectly entitled. I work, pay rent and buy food. FML
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He sounds like an ungrateful child. If this is a normal thing and he can't figure out how to contribute, he's no good for you. Sorry OP

Tessa_11 19

Wow, make him help out or leave him.


Tessa_11 19

Wow, make him help out or leave him.

Sounds like OP is dating a man-child to me.

You should reproduce with him then write another FML a couple of years later.

psychopolarbear 28

How about no reproducing with the full fledged man-child. That just encourages it.

Tessa_11 19


I was being sarcastic. How many FMLs have we read of women who choose to reproduce with these man childs then complain how they are terrible husbands and fathers. You can still cut him loose OP.

He sounds like an ungrateful child. If this is a normal thing and he can't figure out how to contribute, he's no good for you. Sorry OP

Yeah this is one of those times when OP should break up with him. He's stealing, lying, and doesn't understand what's wrong. Those are big red flags.

Not even just a normal red flag. These are like flares being shot up in the night sky.

Leave that bum, OP. He ain't worth your time.

tantanpanda 26

Yea, I think this is one of the times where "break up with him" is the best solution. Talking it out with the boyfriend won't help at all because you're trying to change his entitled attitude. Cut your losses and get out of there.

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leogachi 15

Why would anyone try to work it out with someone who stole from them?

I see no reason not to, if they both still have feelings for each other, and the man is willing to comprimise, they can still be happy being in each others company.

Worst. Advice. EVER.

rldostie 19

Happy with someone who stole from you? He has no respect for her as a person, for her work, and clearly has no issue lying to her and using her. None of these are qualities you want in a mate. OP, run. Run far far away.

@102 - exactly! I just went through something similar as the OP and just gave her the boot. No matter how much you try to work things out or help them out, they won't ever respect you or contribute. OP is better off without him

to tell the truth he doesn't sound like a real man a real man take pride in providing for those he loves if he doesn't drop him he's still a boy and boys got no right to be in a man's world

skyeyez9 24

Why your comment has been down voted is beyond me! I guess the truth hurts.

1. Grammar 2: Outdated concept of man as needing to be the provider. Just a guess.

noonenoeone 22

That and his profile shows him to be a very weird dude with little understanding of how to communicate properly. Personally, my girlfriend is the breadwinner and couldn't be happier with our relationship. Just because society said the man has to be the provider doesn't mean that you can't have a successful union where the woman is the provider. The time I don't spend working I use to make her life easier...I can wake up everyday and focus my full attention on her and how to improve our lives. I'm also a successful professional internet marketer/gambler, but her executive position in a Fortune 250 corporation brings in more than enough and were happier than any couple I've ever met.

#71 props to you, but I wouldn't feel fulfilled as a man staying home while my partner works hard. I would feel the same if I were a woman though. I like to provide for my loved ones, aren't you afraid she will leave you for a working man/colleague? As their lives are way more similar and they can relate to eachother better.

So if my husband is going to be a stay-at-home dad when we have kids then he isn't a real man...?

bnbhimp 10

The problem is his attitude he didn't ask for money he stole it lied and then threw a tantrum.

You sound more like a babysitter than a girlfriend.

qdawg06 23

This doesn't sound like a relationship, it sounds like parenting an ungrateful teenager...

he doesn't deserve you

FrostyNipz19 12

drop his ass

what if op is also the same person whose brother has been stealing from her kitchen?

What if OP's boyfriend also steals from his sister's kitchen?

I'd say he's a very resourceful man.