By emperor - 21/07/2009 05:38 - Bangladesh

Today, I woke up screaming. Why? Well, I was complaining to my dad yesterday about how I always hit the snooze button and just roll over when my alarm goes off, and how that results in me being late for morning classes. My dad thought he'd help out by placing a mousetrap on the snooze button. FML
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yea, ditto get your lazy **** ass up and go to ******* school. I dont get it whats with kids and sleeping in, you have ******* school to go to. so don't be lazy

Actually there is a theory that scientists have developed that teenagers need different sleep patterns, which requires them to sleep in longer in the mornings. It's tough to get up when you can have just a few more minutes of sleep...

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And you don't get what's with kids,what with their televisions and their video games, and their soaddy pop, and their internets. ROFLCOPTER!!!!

...and their DVD's, and their rap music, and their hopscotch, and their sports teams, and their high definition, and their computers....

Actually that theory is basically saying that there's a sleep cycle our body uses. When growing, the sleep cycle needs more as you said, but unfortunately society as a whole wants to ignore nature and proceed with their cancer. See #37 for example of society.

lol that's what i was thinking! he rocks!

agreed. you shouldnt be bitching about not being able to wake up by yourself to your parents.

@ 37: Not all teens are "lazy **** asses" you jerk. Whatever, I'm not gonna bore you with all the shit I have to do everyday. Also, these "Why?" FMLs are getting annoying.

@40/57 - "you kids these days and your millenium items and your card games and your loud music and your hula-hoops and your hopscotch and your dungarees and your lollipops and your sony playstations and your voice-activated light switches and your leather pants and your artificial insemination and your blu-ray discs and your pierced scrotums and your bullfrogs and your telekinesis and your marvel comics and your and your nuclear physics and your ingrowing toenails and your gears of war and your quentin tarantino and your power steering and your elevators and your illegitimate offspring and your..."

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hehehe you dad is funny. my parents gave up trying to wake me up during high school. Instead, my mom would call the school telling them i was "sick". who cares? its not like you learn anything important before college.

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Definitely Diet_Otaku and YGOTAS FTW!!!

teenagers need more sleep period. Puberty requires a lot energy and likewise rest.

Wow! More people watch Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged than I imagined! :)

Well for the record I'm 18 and I don't get hip-hop either :)

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oh damn, f your life indeed. cool dad, though.

LOL. FYL. Hey, at least you weren't late! ;-D

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Your dad wins epicly. You fail for pressing snooze.. rofl I do it too so I fail aswell..

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This is as good as the dad who got a kick out scaring the shit out of his kids.

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You're the one who was being a whiny bitch to him.

Well, I'll bet you weren't late this time, were you?

I bet the hospital visit made him late.

Yeah, but then he's got an excuse, so he's not really late :P

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i bet he's not a mouse so he didnt need to go to the hospital

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The OP wouldn't need to go to the hospital because of a mouse trap, clearly you've never used it. OP: HAHAHA i love your dad. Your life is not ******, YDI for complaining about your own laziness.

#66, you've purposely used mousetraps on yourself? That's pretty hardcore.

This is the funniest FML ever, seriously

#64..great. Make anyone else almost pee a little..?