By Michelle - United States
Today, I turned on my boyfriend's computer and saw pictures of all of my credit cards, front and back, and several of my parent's credit cards. I looked in his e-mail and found receipts for items which had been billed to me and delivered to him, including golf clubs and my birthday gift. FML
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  Rosalind_fml  |  0

No, don't call him out on it. Make a copy of all the documents you found, and take pictures (not screen shot, pictures so you have his room as background). Then, file a police report and have the police confiscate his computer for fraud and grand theft.

Send him to jail. He deserves it.

  JojoChuo  |  8

Maybe he didn't scan them, he could have took a picture of the cards with a click of a camera button and put them on the computer... He shouldn't even be rummaging through other peoples property let alone use other peoples money/card without their approval.

  manxalicious  |  0

agreed, although the OP's carelessness is not the biggest worry, it's the fact that she's going out with a Fraudster! I say report him to the authorities. And has he used your parents cards too? If so perhaps all three of you should go on a crash home accountancy and budgeting course...

By  donkey_hang_down  |  2

That is terrible, will you post a copy of that along with you social security number and mothers maiden name. Just to make sure that they dont work anymore, we will need this information.

I wonder if he bought his other girlfriend gifts on your card too?

By  deaditegirl  |  0

FYL for having such a shitty boyfriend, but YDI for not checking your bank account sooner. You should keep better track of your finances so you notice charges like that.

By  JessTrek  |  0

With all the credit card fraud going around nowadays, why the hell didn't you regularly check your statements? Just to make sure? Your (hopefully ex) boyfriend has sneaky skills but still, sue his ass off for the cash.