By PhailedMidterm - 12/03/2013 19:03 - United States - Mattapan

Today, I was at the library doing research for my midterm. All of the computers were in use, so I decided to use my laptop instead. Ten minutes later, I was confronted and kicked out. My offense? Unauthorized use of the library's so-called "Free Public WiFi". FML
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You were using a Mac in a PC zone weren't you?

enormouselephant 15


enormouselephant 15

I sometimes park just outside of the library to mooch wifi on my iPhone. The sneaky feeling this gives me is priceless. Mind you, I probably just need to get out more... ;)

why else would they be at the library if they needed a computer? it's quiet and sometimes better than having to deal with it at Starbucks or at a noisy house.

You were using a Mac in a PC zone weren't you?

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Your attempt to start a debate just failed epically.

HowAreYouToday 34

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Why would you write the exact same message as number 50? You DO realize that it's either going to be buried or removed, right?

56: Something that I've learned on fml the hard way, no matter how freaking stupid a comment is, directly saying that it is going to get buried or that it should be buried will get yourself buried.

70, saying that a comment is going to get buried because they said somebody else will get buried will get you buried.

# 56 Says the one who just got buried... This will probably get me buried

Looks like third time around is safe though. :)

@86: Forreal though what a load of bollocks that is eh?

Please, stop commenting! My arms...they can't take the digging anymore!

I can see if you were mooching at a coffee shop or cafe, but a library?

The baristas at a cafe don't mind the 'intimate' topic on the laptop but old ladies do! ;)

People do it all the time? I don't really see what your getting at.. Haha.

Sounds pretty ass backwards if you ask me! Research for homework should be considered an authorized use. You could make a complaint.

Ah, so that's why they kicked you out OP...

5- Well, now we all know what category YOU were looking in!

It doesn't say sexual topic... It's labelled as miscellaneous.

And this is why I don't look at **** at the public library anymore.

Kind of strange because Free Public WiFi is the reason why I watch **** in the library.

6- yeah, google incognito window sadly doesn't watch who's looking over your shoulder, I had the same problem.

I wonder what OP was doing on the computer,sine this is categorized as "intimacy"

He says "research", but we all know now.

OP:Yup!I'm sure "studying" fellow "computer users" xD

Yeap. Watching **** in a library is a bad idea...

You obviously didn't read the fine print. Under it would've given a definition for the acronym 'FREE' Federal Restricted Electronically Enlisted Which means you had to sign up online before you could go online. Careless, careless OP.

Lionesse 15

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There! I see it! I see the joke! It's gone over there! If you hurry, you might catch it!

I feel like the FML comment section is going "brain-optional"

30-Real life is becoming brain-optional, and you're worried about FML comments?

Next time you use the library's free public wi-fi, use it to research Kafka. Or Kafka ****, as some of the previous commenters have insinuated.

Why did I decide to google that? Just... I don't get it, why did I google that? Seriously, why?!

I was thinking of googling what #11 said but then decided not to. Now seeing #17's comment I have an even stronger urge to look it up. Must... resist....

This was never my intention but it's funny as hell.

kishorekumar_a 10

36 - May the Force be with you...

....Just no. Never again will I read Metamorphosis in the same light.