By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my husband rescued our daughter's cat from a tree. She spent the next hour clapping and telling me how much of a hero he was. Last night at 2am I was awoken by meowing and had to rescue the same cat from the same tree, in the dark, and halfway down he shit on me. No one called me a hero. FML
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  jisaac09  |  25

u are totally right..... any animal that can climb good enough to get that far up the tree can climb/fall/jump good enough to get back down..... maybe if someone lifted it up on a boom truck then it might need assistance, but i assure you, the cat can come back down..... YDI for being stupid enough not to realize this....

  smellymeaty  |  0

Exactly. If you're so petty that you think your daughter should lose sleep just because you want her to see you rescue a cat so you can be called a hero... wow.
This kinda sounds like petty bellyaching; I don't really think it's 100% FML worthy. Although, if it did involve being pooped on and your daughter being angered or annoyed by the fact that you woke her up by, I don't know, screaming because or your new coat of fecal matter, that would have been hilarious due to the counteraction.

  MamaSeriously  |  6

Cats should not be let outside. They destroy the natural wildlife of the area. You may think "It's just one cat", but there are countless amounts of feral/outdoor cats out there. They get diseases and parasites AND give them to their owners. They get eaten by dogs, hit by cars. If you love them and yourself/family, you keep them indoors.

  PeeNaught  |  3

Exactly my thoughts...nicely put, I was going to tell OP to quit bitching about something so juvenile...if she needs to feel like a hero over that then what the hell...