By Jasmine - 10/10/2014 05:52 - United States - Sacramento

Today, while talking to my boyfriend, I noticed he looked uncomfortable. When I asked what was wrong, he asked when the last time I shaved was. I answered, "I shaved my legs this morning." He shook his head and said, "No, I meant your face." FML
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I thought he was referring to somewhere else. Much misled.

He sounds like a dick. But seriously shave lol

If she doesn't want to shave then she doesn't have to.

The boyfriend didn't really sound like that much of a dick to me. Sure it was probably embarrassing to OP, but no matter how you bring this subject up, it's probably going to be a little embarrassing. Women don't usually like hair on their face, so better for your boyfriend to point it out than some random person on the street.

just for the record #4 if OP hasn't shaved her face before and she starts to it's just going to come back even more hairy, don't shave if you don't want to OP.

that's apocryphal. hair may look like it's growing back thicker (since hair tapers as it grows, so you're seeing the thickest part as stubble comes back in) but shaving has no effect on later diameter of hair. if you don't want to shave, do so, but don't use "it makes your hair thicker" as an excuse. since wax is inadvisable on the face due to sensitivity, an alternative many women who need to depilate the face, especially the upper lip area is fine-grain sandpaper. many health and beauty stores sell little finger condom things with sandpaper pads you can use to rub your undesired hair away without stubble from shaving or burns from wax

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Was he like "Baby I Mustache you a question?"

don't think I have laughed so hard at a comment before lmbo

This is so terrible. Unless you regularly shave your face... Who am I to judge. Lol

Dodge4x4Ram 46

dude no,, that's crossing some serious lines there

Sucks that he was kinda rude about it. But how hairy is your face for it to be an issue? If it's a whole bearded lady situation then YDI.

ChristianH39 30

I don't think he was really rude about it, she did ask. But I don't think there is a good way to point out your gfs mustache lol

TanzWolf 26

I don't think she expected him to basically insult her when she asks him what's wrong when he looks uncomfortable. It's not her fault "because she asked", he was being an ass.

He didn't really insult her though, he just asked her a question. It's a sensitive topic for a lot of women I'm sure, but wouldn't you want a person you care about (the boyfriend in this situation) to say something about it, as opposed to someone who might care a lot less about your feelings?

I don't get it. What are you supposed to say to her, if she has a mustache, which bothers you?

ChristianH39 30

17 he wasn't trying to insult her. If OP doesn't want to shave she doesn't have to, but at least now she knows how her boyfriend feels about it. Like 22 said, it's a sensitive topic.

What i don't understand is why you would say OP deserves it? OP didn't ask to have facil hair. That's something that's in your genes so OP in no way could possibly deserve having a beard.

TanzWolf 26

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Sorry to inform you of this but he does care, he just doesn't say anything. It's really gross when you girls put your legs across our laps and they're almost as hairy as ours, but we say nothing because we love you.

I think if you really loved that person, you wouldn't care what they do to their body. As long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone.

The solution to everything is not "dump him" -_-

That may not be true, my boyfriend honestly couldn't care less about my body hair status, and I don't care about his. It is just hair, we change it all the time. Why is our hair so gross while your hair is just fine?

Boy, there are plenty of people out there who prefer natural women--myself among them. And unless you regularly shave all the hair off your body and fully comprehend how obnoxious a task it is, you have no point of reference for this discussion and, regardless, no right to insist others groom themselves your way for your pleasure. You want to date someone who's 100% always buttery smooth, you go put that on your tinder profile and see how many hits you get.

I would completely agree with you #16 except that I find hair gross and I can't go more than a week without shaving, it's torture.